Vosk Communicator from Storm Front I and II


Another ST Enterprise prop I liked was the communicator that Archer takes from one of Vosk’s guys in Storm Front. I remembered it because while watching a favorite from Voyager “Memorial” I think I saw it in a different form being used as a power transfer device of some such.

Does anyone have any details on this prop or know more? Know of more places it popped up?

First pictures are from ENT and the last is the same prop in VOY.

![51 AM|690x431]



A prop alien communicator used by Scott Bakula in his portrayal of “Captain Archer” in the Star Trek: Enterprise episode “Storm Front, Part I”. The item is molded resin with a polished metal accent that features six LEDs that flash red and three others which flash yellow, all in sequence and a band of opaque acrylic across the top that glows green when activated. A button switch on the left side activates the item which is powered internally by two AAA sized 1.5volt batteries. The item was also handled by “T’Pol” (Jolene Blalock) upon the Captain’s return to the “Enterprise NX-01”. The item measures approx. 2.25 X 1.5 X 1.75 inches.





^ I spy wire nuts and a VCR head drum?

Depending on size the head drum could also be: RDAT, Hi-8, DV, VHS-C, etc. but definitely a drum scanner.


Great catch! I wonder if it is remotely possible to ID the exact part?


The alum. ring around the disc in the center is a TOS com ring that we added to it. The center disc was a found object. but we made duplicates of it as we did not know what it was from.