Voyager Tour and a few prop closeups


TrekCore posted a great old E! tour of the Voyager sets some time ago that I just today saw for the first time.

It shows a number of cool things, including a polarized translite animation in the transporter room that I’d never seen before and two closeups of the sickbay sample analyzer (originally Crusher’s Diomedian scarlet moss incubator), which seems to have some different detailing from its TNG appearance.

A super obscure VOY prop that never gets a closeup on the show does gets a closeup in this video!

I call it the Voyager Porta-A-V, as it feels to me to be a nod to this TMP medical prop

Starlog Issue 30

The Voyager one also appears in First Contact around 26:15.


That’s cool. But that video has been on YouTube for quite awhile. I always wonder what great B roll these entertainment shows have in their vaults.


That was fun. I’d never seen that before.


That was indeed fun! I too hadn’t seen that before, thanks for posting it.


Ironically, the interior detail on that Porta-A-V is from an AMT/MPC kit of Darth Vader’s TIE Fighter.


You appear to be correct. It does indeed look like it is cut out from one of the panels of the of the “wings” inside greeble “liners” where it joins to the main body:


Nice never noticed it in tmp, but hey there is so much to see!!!thanks great ride!!!