What do we know about the Klingon Mining Rifle


I think my next project is going to be the Klingon Mining Rifle. What all do we know about it? I believe it is 28" long, and I found 2 very nice shots of it. Any top shots, other angles, or info on this one?


I may be able to take some photos of one on Sunday.


That would be amazing! Thank you!


This is the one I’ll try to get photos of.


Oh man, GREAT photo Scott!! I can’t wait to see more. He wouldn’t be interested in selling it I don’t suppose?


What’s that phaser between the deathsting and mining rifle?


I forget the whole story on that one other than it is loosely based on a Klingon Sonic Disrupter artwork made for Star Trek: The Motion Picture.


I asked about the mystery disrupter and there is no other information on it.

The mining rifle.


Holy cow Scott!!! Thank you SO much. You sir, went above and beyond! Awesomeness!!!


Just in case Scott missed something (which I dont think he did) there are the IAW auction pics as well here: http://startrekpropcollector.com/trekauctions/search.pl?t=klingon&st=1&sc=1&sp=1&sch=1&se=1&ss=1&so=1&p=12
#6222 about half way down the page.


Those shots are great too! Thanks so much for the help everyone. Does anyone know if any parts of the rifle were used from a Water Gun, other than the tank?


I just remembered I wanted to say that I think the barrels are PVC pipe. Maybe that white stuff used for sprinkler systems.


Odd that the maker used white, which can be seen in the barrel end-view photo where the paint is worn off the edges. PVC electrical conduit comes in gray and is, for practical purposes, the same sizes as PVC plumbing pipe. Gray conduit wouldn’t show the (real) wear as readily as the white.


The red boxy looking detail, best seen on the picture above the video, on either side of the tank looks to be a warp nacelle decal from an Enterprise D model kit. Perhaps the AMT 18" Enterprise D kit?


This stuff but a size up.

That decal is also on the Klingon PADD and it may be the same trifoil decal too.

EDIT: And the writing that’s back of the trifoil on the mining rifle.


I think the last best guess was that the nacelle decal came off of the 6’ 1701-D decal sheet. It’s too big for the AMT.


And so it has begun…


Looks like a great start.


The trefoil is going the wrong way on the pad.


I got a box of just, well stuff, from Mike a few years back. Some of the detail parts I have, are on the gun LOL