What do we know about the Klingon Mining Rifle



It’s getting there.


The decal is applied on the other side. I didn’t look close enough when I picked the image and chose a back side view.


A little more work. Nothing too exciting but made the buttstock thicker, found the right size tube for the bottle to fit in, cut that, and a detail piece on the main pipe.


Looks perfect!



That’s looking really good.



Thanks Mike

Fresh coat of primer


Still need to add a few greeblies, then I can add a rusting effect to it.


OH, and I thought I’d share a technique I learned. I wanted to add the graphics to it, which I’ll get a close up of later, but slide decals were being a pain. So I had some 8.5x11 label paper from Office Depot. I peeled off the sticker and threw that part away, keeping the wax backing. Ran that through my inkjet printer, printing my images in reverse. Let it dry for about 15 minutes, but will still smear easy, and rub it on to whatever you want to transfer to. SUPER easy, and looks good. The color isn’t a bright as I would have liked, but I love the look of it.


Fantastic build progress! Great weathering effect so far. What did you use to achieve the effect? Paint, Rub n’ Buff, or something else?

The inkjet transfer is a good idea and is very similar to the toner transfer method for home PCB etching.


Thanks so much! After the initial ruddy red primer, I airbrush on black to darken and dirty up areas. After that, I use a silver paint pen, but apply it with a small brush, and sometimes a bigger one. Some of the silver I put on wet, and other areas, I drybrush.

Once I get the final greeblies added, I’ll use Rust N Dust from MicroMark, to go further. Then I’ll be done. What a fun project!


Man that looks so cool.



Thanks for a quick write up of how you achieve your weathering look. This is a useful go-by for us that don’t do much weather on props.


Good job man, it really does look the part.


This ridiculously cool! Thanks for documenting this build here so comprehensively.

Are your acrylic and/or styrene pieces laser cut?


Thanks for the feedback gang! I cut everything by hand either by bandsaw or xacto knife and ruler. I did, however, JUST purchase a Cricut die cut machine from Amazon which should be here tomorrow.


Got some greeblies in from Buddahaid. Thanks again bud!! Got the weathering done and waiting on the medallion pieces to call this one done!


That looks Awesome.



There coming LOL