What do we know about the Klingon Mining Rifle


Stunning work! The added rust really adds another dimension to the weathering.


Looking really sharp. I have to go back and learn how you made the graphics now.


Great job. The photography is terrific too.


Thanks guys!

Buddahaid, it’s super easy. I read you can use wax paper but my printer ate it. So I used some 8.5x11 label paper. Peeled off the sticker and threw it away. Then loaded the paper it was stuck to in the printer, slick side to be printed on.

Then reverse your image and print. Cut out your graphic, and the. I added tape to keep it from sliding on you while you transfer it. Carefully line it up without touching the prop, stick the tape on and gently rub the paper with your finger pushing the ink image on. Lift up and you’re done.

One word of advice is to make sure your surface is SMOOTH, or the ink will look “spongy” or “rubber stamped on”.


Got it on the second read. Clever and I’ll give it a try. This should get added to the propcraft section.


Looks super clean, in a weathered sorta way.
Fantastic build up!

And damn you for your excellent photography!


it looks incredible. you must have had a blast building that from scratch.


Thanks guys. I really did have a blast building it.

I actually enjoy photographing my collection. Helps me keep everything catalogued, and makes it easier if I decide to sell later.


I finally took some pics after adding the side greeblies I got from Kev. Still missing the mystery medallion on the bottom, but will add it if I ever find out what it is.