Wide Button Late Cobra Phasers


Hi all! I have probably the most randomly specific question out of curiosity, but was there a significance in the wider setting buttons of the later cobra phasers? One I’ve seen on Your Props says it was a Voyager Phaser. Is that where they were used? Was it a maker mark? A mark denoting what series it belonged to? Is it probably just because they made them slightly wider just because? Like I said, just curious if anyone had any answers. It has always interested me since it looks so odd. Thanks for looking!



This is a replica I made based on the pics available next to a Stapleton.


I’ve always wondered about the variation there as well! I’m not certain if this was the case across the board, but some cobra phaser castings came out of the mold without buttons (like this one and this one) - so they would have been done by hand from sheet styrene. If anyone would know, though, it would be @rnomura :slight_smile:


I believe the staff show made that phaser with the wider buttons. I remember seeing them in the Voyager pilot. I tried to keep my buttons more square and I always used Antique White after Season 3

IMG_1184 by Ronald Nomura, on Flickr


From the Top: Season 3 (made in 1989), Season 4 (made in 1990) and a Season 6 (made in 1992). These are my paint masters.



Wow!!! Thank you so much!! It’s always been something I wondered about. Aren’t there some from Voyager that have gold setting buttons as well?

Moderately related, why did they shrink and change shape slightly over the course of the show? Was it new people making new masters? Why did they get rid of the power meters? Haha I have a lot of cobra questions apparently. Thank you again! Your masters are so awesome!!!


Always loved the Cobra Head Phasers.
Ron, thanks for sharing the picture of your masters.