Working TOS desktop monitor with desk controls


I’m writing this from my newly acquired computer system that will be placed inside of @rel571996 s fabulous kit . Mine will have a twist as I will incorporate a keyboard into a desk . Using a peg system to a pre-existing keyboard I will make a gumdrop keyboard ( possibly illuminated) as well as a Spock’s calculator

mouse !


also a big thanks to @DigiGal for the help and inspiration!


Looking forward to seeing your build develop!


Nice! Definitely looking forward to this.


Part 1 : Keyboard disassembly and illumination !




Looks cool so far, does it feel natural typing on the gumdrops?


It’s an odd feeling . But very much a feeling you would feel pressing the buttons on the USS Enterprise :wink: but in reality it feels like normal typing


Now THAT is cool!!! I would love one of those. I am curious why you didn’t use the square “ice-cube” style buttons instead of the round ones.


Thanks ! Honestly I could not find a source for the squares , round is all I have …


LOL, I understand. If you need the square ones let me know.


Have you tried putting printed letters and numbers under each dome? Could be a cool look.


I’ve tried with my label maker , the colors are so overwhelming that you cannot even see the letters unfortunately


^ Bummer if you drift off the home keys you could end up typing Klingon.


Cool. I think they had labeling on the In A Mirror Darkly bridge buttons.


Now you’ve got me looking around at other clear/transparent keycap scenarios. Fun stuff-

Character printed on the side!-



Not sure if anyone knows ,but my pi stopped working. It now gets very hot and makes a squealing noise . Do I need to replace it or is it that heat sensitive fuse that resets in a day ?


I wonder how hard it would be to take a keyboard apart and break its layout up into an arc-shape like the bridge controls. Someone should design a qwerty pattern that looks as close to the panels as possible while still being somewhat functional.


Based on this thread I went ahead and purchased a lighted, colored keyboard which I LOVE. It has about a dozen different patterns and you can adjust the intensity of the light. It’s very fun (and cool).