Working TOS desktop monitor with desk controls


Awesome !


Just ordered mine !!


I really like the look of this compact BT one that @NickDaring showed earlier, it even retains the key labels on the side of the keys. A bit pricey though and the keycaps are purchased separately to complete the look. It makes a perfect crossover keyboard to pair with Desktop Monitor. Colors are mappable!


@tosgraphics Will are you planning to replace keys with resin bridge buttons on that model?


As much as I would like to; I just do not foresee having the time. I have SO many projects on the back burner, in closets, etc., although this would be cool. For the time-being I will just be happy with the pretty colored lights, lol.


How about this I picked up on watching The Battle of the River Plate.

It’s a panel on a phone switchboard of all things.


I did a test repaint today with a little twist … I used rustoleum stone grey as well as layered between the rustoleum matte clear coat is misted silver … I thought it gave it a great look , and when observed from different angles it shimmers


Did you bake your Pi, if not did you resolve the issue?

Interesting take on the paint, there is a silver glitter spray that’s made for similar effect. Did you see photos leading you to believe the original had silver mixed with gray or was this a personal twist on the color? Similarly, NuBSG used fine silver flakes mixed in a clear coat on some of their props.


The pi… she’s gone captain ! For the paint I put my own twist … but unfortunately for whatever reason the paint decided not to bond properly and peeled of like a plasti dip substance. Very odd but easy to peel :face_with_monocle:


Ouch, so you had some sort of odd chemical reactions.

Sorry about your burnt Pi, next time be sure to utilize heatsinks on the chips.


What is the material being painted?


You might have to switch to a self etching primer