Working TOS desktop monitor with desk controls


Awesome !


Just ordered mine !!


I really like the look of this compact BT one that @NickDaring showed earlier, it even retains the key labels on the side of the keys. A bit pricey though and the keycaps are purchased separately to complete the look. It makes a perfect crossover keyboard to pair with Desktop Monitor. Colors are mappable!


@tosgraphics Will are you planning to replace keys with resin bridge buttons on that model?


As much as I would like to; I just do not foresee having the time. I have SO many projects on the back burner, in closets, etc., although this would be cool. For the time-being I will just be happy with the pretty colored lights, lol.


How about this I picked up on watching The Battle of the River Plate.

It’s a panel on a phone switchboard of all things.