3D Prop Model Archive


3D printed props seem to be growing in popularity these days. Printing technology and modeling software are improving and becoming more and more affordable to the hobbyist at the same time quality is getting better!

@EWilliams recently shared his DSC communicator files and others have made other models available either here or privately. My thought is to have this thread set up as a repository for people who would like to share their modeling work with others.


cover.stl (27.3 KB)
meshBack.stl (684 Bytes)
base.stl (1.8 KB)

files are in mm and are 100%


DS9 Cortical Stimulator

stimulator.stl (924.0 KB)

model is in mm and at 100%


Thank you Carl.


Great idea Carl! :slight_smile:

Here are some links to my threads with files:

Discovery Communicator

TNG Exoscalpel / Laser Suture

TLJ Rebel/Resistance Ring


Yes, great idea, Carl!

I wonder if we could use Discourse’s tags feature. We could self-tag threads/posts as containing a 3D model, that way users can filter to show all threads that have 3D models, but they can also see the models within the context of the original discussion. Additionally, we won’t have to worry about updating models in both the original post and the archive or becoming stale. Thoughts? @norbauer


I’ve never used the tags feature but am certainly not opposed. I also turned @trekme’s opening post into a wiki post, meaning anyone can add edits (I think). Maybe we can use that to keep a list of links?


Klingon Padd is in mm and 100% scale. Measurements referenced from a made for production piece.

klingonPadd.stl (971.7 KB)


Small Voyager Padd is in mm and 100%

voysmBK.stl (390.1 KB)
smvoyMD.stl (1.4 MB)
voysmFR.stl (517.7 KB)

Note: I made the center layer with “holes” so you use less material when printing. I used a raft when printing these cause I found sometimes the edges would “curl” a little and lift… even with a brim… but that might be just my cheapo printer!


This is a cool thread, love to see it all that everyone does.


Fantastic thread! Thanks to all in his group for sharing their work generously. Great community!


Here is my Varon T Disruptor from TNG

STTNGVaronTDisruptor.stl (2.8 MB)


Hey guys, thanks for doing this. I’ve put some thought into the idea of having a collection of digital files for sharing. But one thing I think would be cool to add, is some comment about the creation of the file concerning accuracy. A lot of models are done by eye, and they can be terrific, and are always appreciated, but I think it’s useful to note if they were created with any reference to known shapes and dimensions.

So, perhaps an annotation saying that it was made from measuring a real prop, or certain reported dimensions, or based off a found object, or even at the higher end, based on a 3D scan, etc.


Great idea for a thread. Thanks to those who are willing to share their hard work and 3D printing files. Can’t wait to see what pops up here!