A couple of TOS props


Here are a couple of obscure props I just finished the heat beat reader and “wiggy Square D voltmeter. For those who don’t remember, the “wiggy” shows up in “This side of Paradise” and Devil in the Dark” and a couple of other episodes. Both donor pieces weren’t in perfect shape but that is to be expected considering their age. I had to repair the black switch limiter on the reader and paint the body of it but both came put well. The turn buckle is from Steve Pielock, thank you sir.The paint jobs aren’t perfect, not my best subject, but I hope to improve with future projects. These are off to Star Trek Continues so watch for them in future episodes.

My Square D Wiggy TOS Prop paintup

I have always liked the crazy anachronistic use of the voltmeter. What paiting did you have to do on it? (I share your pain; painting always goes poorly for me.) Was the voltmeter prop a different color in TOS than the original product? I always assumed it was that industrial yellow like that right from the factory.


The housing was black Bakelite I think. I had to mask off the panel and light on top. The paint is just Rustoleum.


They look nice to me. I see the voltmeter is Square D brand and I don’t think I ever noticed that before.


I was at the MIT flea market yesterday and saw tons of stuff from Square D from the TOS era, but none of these voltmeters. Interestingly, several of the 60s voltmeters I did see had the same color as the one that is added here by paint.