Anovos STD phaser


They did a really good job. Just one thing I see they forgot, or over looked.


Looks pretty sweet to me.


looks great! The thing that bothers me is that insignia looks upside down to my mind and I don’t understand why they did it like that? Same kind of thing on the Comm-:thinking:


It looks great, and feels right in your hand


What did they forget?


So are these very close or identical to the real props?


Looks really good.
I wonder where they were made.


On the side, with what looks like Japaneses fans. The little button should have been gold


Dead on


This is what am wondering. It shipped out of Florida


I’m guessing that the upside down logo is so that when it’s being pointed at the viewer logo is facing the right way up. Oo if the phaser is holstered the logo is facing the right way up… however the holster design covers the logo.

It’s an interesting design issue that Apple had to deal with on their laptops.

Design for the user POV or design for the viewer POV? Tough choice. Even Steve Jobs changed his mind on it.


They are made in USofA.


They really do exist !!!


They could have avoided the issue altogether by not including a Starfleet insignia on the weapon. Still looks tacky imho. Other than that it’s a nice phaser.


When you consider there track record for getting things out. This was a surprise…


Florida huh, that’s where QMX has all thier ships built.
Glad to hear it.


You might be the only one to receive it as no one else (apparently) haven’t received theirs.


What does the display stand look like?


I know of one other who has gotten it. That is it. I do find this kinda of strange


I do not know. Here is the email I got before it got shipped .

I wanted to personally thank you for participating in the introductory wave for the STAR TREK™: DISCOVERY Starfleet Hand Phaser Interactive Prop Replica. I am pleased to inform you that is being readied to ship beginning the week of Monday, January 22, 2018.

As our state-side team prepares the phasers for dispatch, please be advised that we are shipping the phaser prop ahead of the following pieces:
Certificate of Authenticity (Individually mailed out in February 2018, as these are now printing.)
Display Stand (Estimated dispatch between April 2018 to May 2018.)
To prepare for the phaser’s arrival, we have prepared this downloadable PDF that highlights both the functionality and maintenance of your Interactive Prop Replica. That PDF may be downloaded here: