Anovos STD phaser


Latest lack of knowledge E-Mail as of today regarding status of shipping the stand…

Ryan (ANOVOS Productions LLC)

Sep 12, 11:04 AM PDT
I sincerely apologize for all this though I have yet to be told from the higher ups about when this will go out. I know we will get them out, and we will send out an official update when it is shipping out. Thank you for your extreme patience.



The B.S. alarm is starting to sound…


I’ve grown numb to the sound of the B.S. alarm from Anovos.


So it is interesting that they didn’t have all the units built in one batch. Wonder why the very small batches?


Oh, okay. Haven’t watched DSC in a bit, just don’t recall that being the Starfleet emblem (memory ain’t what it used to be :stuck_out_tongue: lol)


Heaven help the ones who ordered the rifles


I did. :cold_sweat: It was too beautiful to pass up. Perhaps I made a grave mistake. Espically since my phaser came looking like poo. Hopefully one day this millinum they will exchange it…


You are indeed a brave soul. I thought about it, but could’nt do it with what’s going on with the phaser pistol. The phaser rifle looks really cool, but $1500.00 is too big a leap of faith with Anovos. I hope you get your rifle and it’s worth the price and the wait, and the wait, and the wait, and the wait…


Sounds like the beginning of “Casablanca” LOL !!!


Ha ha. Thanks. I am sure it will arrive…in the year 2259.


Or maybe in the Zager and Evans song “In The Year 2525” By then there will probably be a real one.


That looks just gastly LOL. This looks better. nice 1/4" rolex grain arm with engine turned end.


That can slide right off. Needs a notch to prevent that.


No, works well. Have made several without complaint. Rod size, graining, and slight rear-ward-list keeps Phaser firmly in place. Design dimensions fit all P2’s except for the Jubo MR…this is a QMX Into Darkness on the prototype stand.


The badge is licensed merch


From the image, it looks as if a slight bump could knock it off.

It looks to be aiming for the minimalist look but the coat hanger wire is missing that mark for me.


Looks nice!


It sure is nicer then what Anovos is putting out.


A little OT. But, had to show off my DStines Alpha hero Comm (SD Studios) sitting atop one of Jon’s Comm stands. Super high quality work! Ordering a stand for my wand co phaser!


Bought one of his a few years back for my BN Phaser. Design was differnt then but similar to what he shows now. Works great for me !!!