Anovos STD phaser


I had not plans on using their stand…


That’s right. I heard that the phasers, stands, and COA’s were shipping separately. Where did you get the stand you are using? It looks pretty nice.


So the only thing it actually does is the power button lights up and the stun/kill indicator changes , and the barrel revolves no other effect?? For that price I would have expected a functioning prop like the MR phaser , so a nice clean prop for display only .


I make my own. I do not like stands that sorta speak, stand out. The stand should be there, but not seen


Mine is in the second wave so it might be June before I see it !!!


I know ther’s a member here who makes similar stands for TOS phasers. I’ve got a couple from him and they’re great !!


With you on that. Not a fan of the insignia being put on everything- “Tacky” The Federation wants you to know who stun/killed you?


Yet when it’s not Federation I never hear any complaints. Many Klingon devices have the trifoil on them somewhere as well.


I know that very well, Guilty as charged- I myself had it on the Klingon hand gun design I did for ST4, but the bad guy always takes credit right-:wink: Plus the Federation are just peaceful explorers not military-


SO true!!!

I suppose with Klingon props, I view it as a crest, a symbol but I forget, its the equivalent of the delta.

Good point.


It’s like what Jonathan Frakes said , when he went up there they wanted it to be like JJ Abrams ST , so Deltas on everything? Not a big deal on way or another-


That’s because, legalities aside, it IS jj Trek.

You can’t reconcile the number of changes made without changing the one thing they claim is consistent with TOS, being the prime universe.

  1. Completely different Klingons
  2. Tech and ships WAY too advanced
  3. Spore drive
  4. The protagonist being Spock’s “step sister”???
  5. Unheard of species
  6. The alternate universe, aka the I.S.S. Discovery, is the antithesis of these changes as well

I’ve accepted this as jj Trek and sleep comfortably, not because my iSelect is an awesome mattress…no …I sleep comfortable because I know the real Prime universe is unadulterated left alone for its stories to be told through paperback.


Preaching to the choir friend, except for maybe the paperbacks though. Its a true and I for one am glad there is “Kelvin” timeline for just this kind of stuff-


I’m not sure that’s right, @ChronowerxLLC. The email I got form Anovos a week or so before they shipped (and were still in transit to Anovos) implied they were coming from abroad.

“As our state-side team prepares the phasers for dispatch…”

I think what’s in Florida is just the distribution center that they’re using.


I have it on first hand authority, they are made in the US. In Florida.


I agree, I had also heard, it was suppose to be in the JJ stuff.


Incidentally, mine just arrived, and I have to say: it’s one of the best commercially-produced prop replicas I’ve ever seen or handled. I wonder what process they used to smooth the print lines. (I remember reading that each body was individually 3D-printed.)


One person read on there site. It would take to long and to much to print each one. So. They printed a master and made molds. I think, that came from their on line chat. .

Also, I got this from them last night as well.
Closing January 31, 2018! We are closing pre-orders for the new Star Trek: Discovery Starfleet Phaser interactive prop replica on January 31st, so act quickly if you are looking for the ultimate collectible from the new series!


Everything I find say ST-D is in the “Prime timeline” not JJ stuff, sooo


Is the underside of the P1 correct to the original prop?