Anovos STD phaser


I do not know. they never, that I know of shown the bottom.


That maybe what you find. But when they first started it. That is what they had stated. And then Paramount stepped in and said no. But at the the time it was to late. They already had the look.


I don’t have a dog in this fight, it’s all “Trek” to me. Just had been talking about Deltas on gun and what may the why of it…


The Deltas to me. They have over killed


I know on their Proton Packs a lot of the parts are 3d printed and they look like they are not smoothed out. Personally I would rather have the parts in resin cast from original parts but that’s just me. Everything was made in China and not very accurate. Then less than a week later after getting the kit they announced that they had access and pulled molds off an original pack while researching the kit. Instead of using that as the basis of the kit they used an inaccurate fan produced kit. It was probably the last nail in the Anovos Coffin for me.


I was warned about them when I placed the order. I also gave them some hell, when it did not show up on time. Am use to dealing with Sideshow.


Unfortunately, I know a couple people who work for them and a couple who have done work for them. I’ve lost a lot of respect for them. I have a couple pieces from Anovos and I’ve always though that they were a little over priced for over glorified toys, same with some of the other companies. One thing I noticed is their size charts are way off and a lot of the patterns are not adjusted right between sizes.


I got mine and love it. I don’t know about anyone else, but mine is still outgasing a bit with the paint and some areas seem a bit tacky. I am not touching it much because I don’t want to ruin the finish if that is the case, but that put me off a bit. Otherwise it is an awesome piece, one of my favorites.


Anyone else have a problem with the paint ?




Alright, so from the wording of the e-mails I’ve received from, it sounds as though they’re not going to be producing anymore of these in 2018 (which doesn’t make sense to me, given how popular they’ve been, but whatever). Will they be doing more in 2019?


They may swap to a different prop


That should not be happening. If the paint is still tacky, you should contact Anovos right away.


What’s going to happen to Waves 2 - 6?



Going to happen? What do you mean?


I think the concern is if the other phases are going to be delivered in 2018 based on the statement they are not producing anymore in 2018. They will deliver all orders, or better, and I expect they meant they will not accept further orders in 2018.


@Buddahaid, Gotcha.

I imagine the run will be shipped but no further 2018 orders, ie no “wave 7”.

I know why too. :wink:


Do share!


Another Discovery prop is being developed and is being given “star wars” like attention.
I say that because in the marketing world, anything bearing the name of that IP is treated like royalty…as in the royalties it generates for Disney!


Communicator ???