Anovos STD phaser


If only I were permitted to say.

Each and every one of us watching and enjoying Discovery is going to want one.


It’s gotta be the communicator. I can’t imagine them doing anything else before the com. It’s the next logical piece to do. You figure most people who purchased the phaser are going to want a com to go with it.


I have contacted them and sent pictures. They are having their “specialist” take a look at the pictures. We will see. Otherwise, the prop is awesome. I was on the Star Trek Cruise a few weeks ago and they had a screen used one on the ship. I took pictures and they are 100% exactly the same as the Anovos phaser. Anovos did a fantastic job.


That’s nice to know they are exactly alike. I get a little skeptical when they don’t seem interested in proving such a thing with better images and comparisons with original pieces. You’d think it’d be a great sales tactic to prove such a claim, but they tend to gloss over it.


Was banking on The Wand Company to make the comm… Chris the head owner was at SDCC last year on a “ business trip “, considering the huge discovery presence and exhibit I still have hopes they are going to do the comm… :crossed_fingers:


I have the Anovos phaser and have been comparing it to a couple of different phasers, but mostly the one shown at SDCC that was well photographed in great detail. I have issues:

There are hex screws visible on the copy that are not on the original.
The power window on the handle is on both sides of the copy but only one side on the original.
The “nozzle” on mine is loose and slightly crooked. The battery pack does not go all the way into the handle on the copy, leaving about a 1/8" gap that is not present on the original.
Some of the silver paint is misaligned.
The triangle switches are missing gold paint.
The lower handle circles are different. One contains a screw for holding the battery pack in.
The gold tabs on either side of the back are simple cylinders and not hat-shaped like the original.

Overall it’s not bad for a $50 toy, but for a $500 replica, it’s dismal. The prop on “after trek” confirms the absence of the power window on one side.


In that case I’d send it back and ask for a refund.


I read your post and my comments to follow are not because I have a working relationship with Anovos but rather because I have made replicas, I collect them and I consider myself to be an OCD worst nightmare for anyone building something I am likely to acquire.

Granted I’ve only seen the pictures Anovos and owners have published as well as the ones CBS made available of the actual set props. To me, the replica Anovos released is close enough to be used in an episode and the viewing audience would be none the wiser.

Given these were hand made, like the originals and had to be approved by CBS, I’d venture a guess they (at least the ones presented to CBS) met the standards outlined in the contract. This might very well have included stipulations that forced the replica to deviate from the originals, for good reason. It might have required changes for safety or simply was required to meet a profit margin which on a $500 hand made replica produced domestically had to be a challenge.

Paint issues are a whole other matter and should be addressed but the triangle missing the gold, lower handle circles and the screw, the power window and the gold tabs could conceivably be done on purpose.

Let me ask you, do you think you could find a licensed prop that meets all of your expectations for less money? What about unlicensed? How much less if at all? I’m guessing not at all but maybe someone out there would do all that work for $450. Not me, that’s for sure.

When was the last time…no, strike that, when was any other time you had access to a licensed prop while the show was still filming and being aired???


I know I’m a persnickety perfectionist. As a maker of things myself, I strive for complete authenticity. If I make even one mistake, and sell 500 copies, I haven’t just made one mistake - I’ve made 500 mistakes.

If they were given an early prototype, and that’s what it’s a copy of, I’m fine with that, but say so… otherwise my expectations are going to be what I’ve seen displayed by CBS.


O.K. let me start out by saying “don’t laugh”. Has anyone received their phaser from wave 2? I said “don’t laugh”. Surprise! I’m in wave 2. I think it would be helpful if when we receive our phasers, we post so. That way people in each wave get a heads up that their’s are heading their way.


I’m in Wave 2. Probably too early yet as Wave 1 was shipped later than the Dec. shipping date


So far. we know of only 6 confirmed wave 1’s to show up.


Others could have been delivered because not all purchases would be made by Trek forum members


I received my phaser in the first wave. I’m glad to have purchased it.



Coming from you, someone in the industry, that’s saying a lot.


I got a email yesterday from Anovos. They’re saying that the second wave will start shipping in April 2018.


So much for their Feb shipping deadline !!


I was just happy it said “2018”.


At this rate. It is going to take a while


Similar to my 2 month + wait after I ordered a Disruptor from China on EBay.