Anovos STD phaser


Wonder how long it will take them to make the 250 they sold


If the next wave does ship in April, maybe. Then it’s looking like they can make 50 units in two months, maybe. Then if they can stick to that rate, maybe. They should get 250 out by Oct. 2018, maybe.


2118 is just around the corner !!


I can see your a glass half full kinda guy.


Just getting ready for the extended shipping date


Has anyone received theirs from the second wave yet that was supposed to ship in April ?


I do not believe they have finished the first one yet


I’m in the second wave, I have’nt received the phaser or any kind of update on when it will ship.


I do not think half of the first wave has shipped. And I do know of a lot of people who have cancelled. Part due to the long wait. And due to the McFarland toy coming…


Something that Anovos should have made more clear in their write-up is that their phaser was in fact made directly from original design files provided by CBS*, since it adds much to its cachet. This only recently came to light with an official statement from the company that was shared by the RPF member “TheTrekNerd” (I contacted Anovos separately to verify that it was in fact their writing):

Our ANOVOS Phaser was created using the original 3D files & assets used in the design and creation of the physical props for production, and provided to us by CBS. However, during the creation of the Show Phaser, the prop department made a change to simplify the manufacture of the physical props for the show.

As originally designed (and as seen on the ANOVOS Phaser) the power status indicator is visible on both the left and right sides of the pistol grip. This meant that the Phaser was “ambidextrous” and it’s power level could be checked from both sides. An addition item worth noting: the side switch on the ANOVOS Phaser (used to switch between “Stun” and “Kill” settings) is functional only from the left side, with the switch on the right being static. Having the switch operate the prop’s settings from either side was something that the original prop department struggled with on the Show Phasers, and having learned from their experience we limited the function of that switch to just the left side.

The only changes Anovos made to the 3d printed parts were apparently during assembly.

*CBS, for whatever reason, provided an earlier version of the grip, with two power meter windows. I need to go back and check the early episodes to see if the two-window version ever appeared… as we’ve seen, by the time of the San Diego prop display, the phaser had been revised to delete the second meter window, and it’s unclear if any with that earlier detail made it to screen.


So Anovos is the best? -Steve


If what you say is correct, and they’ve only shipped half of the first wave. The second wave may not ship till late summer early fall. I would expect them to email us some time before the end of April with a new shipping date. Anovos is just a great company to deal with (not).


I’m still not sure why they continue to stay licensed , horrible business practice


This is why I passed on a purchase ANOVOS, I do not have faith in them.

As for these style Phasers; the patent on the Into Darkness Phaser expired a while back. I’m planning a run in fiberglass/metal/with sound FX in late 2018.


Design patents are enforceable for 14 years. Unless they got the patent 5 years before the 2009 movie came out, then no, the patent hasn’t expired


With both the series phasers and the Anovos phasers, are each individual piece 3D printed, or only the master to create a mold?


@jonpaul0151 To be clear, this thread is discussing the Discovery phaser, not the Into Darkness version.

The Anovos phasers that have been shipped so far are 100% 3d printed resin. Not sure that we know enough to say whether all of the series phasers are printed, but it seems likely that at the least the illuminating/hero versions are.


Received this today.

Samantha (ANOVOS Productions LLC)

Apr 17, 12:34 PM PDT
Hello Nick,

As far as I am aware it is still on schedule to ship out during this time, though the Shipping Calendar has this down as scheduled for Spring 2018 (March 20 - June 20) Season shipment. Once the package has left our hands and is picked up by the carrier you will receive an email notification with the tracking number (from so make sure this email gets filtered into your inbox so you don’t miss it). The tracking number will usually also be accompanied by an expected arrival date on the carrier’s website.

If you have any further questions or concerns please feel free to reach out to us, either by responding to this message or via our Live Chat service on our website. Thank you very much for letting us assist you at ANOVOS today.

ANOVOS Customer Support


I like this March 20 - June 20


I think that looks very nice. I’m making one in metal at my machine shop. Wont be that nice I think… :disappointed_relieved: