Anovos STD phaser


Don’t put yourself down that quick ! Do your best and it will be as good as you can make it ! :grinning:


It’s official. Wave 2 won’t start shipping till “summer 2018”. To be fair, there is a “maybe” on them still shipping in “spring 2018”. You would think with Anovos track record, they would give themselves a ton of room on their shipping estimates. I don’t mind waiting. If you tell me that I’m going to have to wait 6 months to receive a pre-order item, fine, no problem. But, don’t tell me February that turns into April that turns into summer time. If you tell me 6 months and you ship in 3-4 months, your the hero. Tell me 2-3 months and you don’t ship till 6 months, you look like you don’t know what your doing.


With them Sure its not 2019


Wikipedia: “A-nov-os” = Ahh not shipping oh so sorry…LOL. Sorry for your trouble man, Anovos most famous customer service cornerstone is “not delivering as promised”.

I don’t consider this my critical review of them BUT the critical review of many many other customers. I very much like the Anovos products and do plan on ordering a Discovery Phaser after I feel that I can trust them…


You may be in for a bit of a wait.


Latest E-Mail about Wave 2 shipping ( should have started in April) Will see if they follow through.

Ryan (ANOVOS Productions LLC)

May 31, 4:36 PM PDT
Hello Nick,
My apology’s for the long wait and lack of communication, I’m told we will be sending out an offical update via email here in the next week or so concerning everything. Thank you for your patience in this.


And the wait continues


End of June. Has anyone heard from Anovos about when they’ll be shipping wave 2? I have’nt heard from them in months.


LOL. I have a couple of friends who have yet to get wave 1


Mine was Wave 2 Only thing I got two days ago was to send payment of $16.00 to cover USPS shipping. So ???


Check your receipt on the Anovos site or e-mail. I can’t believe that they didn’t already charge you the shipping fee when you first ordered the phaser…



Every order I ever made with Anovos was paid in full at the time of ordering, shipping and all taxes included.



Receipt shows payment in full for phaser but nothing about shipping in the total.



Which is which Kev


His ANOVOS replica is on the left.


This is correct. The Anovos is on the left. The Esty find is on the right



Now the Anovos is on the right



The big difference is the paint color. The Anovos is darker. Looks black inside. But when you see it in sun light. graphite. Out of a pencil lead.