Anovos STD phaser


Right…might as well put the Star Trek Discovery logo right on it… so you can tell what show it’s from…


I needs me one of these phasers.
What is this Etsy find, a one off?


Aye, its a beautiful build; was it a kit and does it have electronics or is it a static phaser?


It’s from someone who sold phasers that were recast from the Anovos phaser. Certain details were modified to bring it in line with the final version of the phaser rather than the early production (possibly pilot episode?) version of the CBS files that the Anovos was printed from.

A preemptive general heads up: please do not post links to that seller. Part of this site’s mission is to support and encourage licensed Trek prop replicas. Posting an item that directly exploits a current licensed item/licensee (regardless of personal feelings towards the business practices of the company in question) is not conducive to that goal.


It was a build. Came as you see it


I bought one of the Etsy “recasts” since I’ve pretty much given up on Anovos honoring the order I placed for wave 2 of their phaser. The phaser I got off Etsy was a horrible 3-D print, basically not high enough quality to stay out of the trash if my Anovos phaser ever shows up.


The one I got is not a 3D print. It is all resin. I have the Anovo’s, this one and the one from Russia. I got them so I could compare. There are two different phasers they used. One which matches the one Anovo’s did. With the meter sight showing on both sides. Then this one I got of Esty.


April in July !! Finally. Now when will the stand arrive ?


IS the meter on both sides of the grip?


That one is wave two, right?


I prefer the Anovos version.


It has the cut outs on both sides. But only lights on one.


It would make more since. It could be used for left or right handed person. It is also been used. In early episodes. So. The Anovos is screen accurate.


Being that it’s 3D printed, how does it feel in your hand. Is it very light?


Thanks for clearing that up! I didn’t know the version with both sides cut-out was used on the show. The Phaser I on my Anovos has a rattling and the sight doesn’t seem to lock down as tight…



And they break easy


It feels good


I just checked with Anovos, Wave 2 is suppose to ship between June 21 and September 21. I’ll believe it when I receive it.


You know what annoys me with Anovos? They’ll claim on their product pages that their replicas are created from artifacts and assets from the original production but they never show their work. They don’t show images or side by side comparisons to prove their replicas are accurate. Basically they’re saying, “trust us!”. But if they were as good as they suggest, you’d think they’d be eager to show it with proof. Hmmm.


Agreed, TWC was seemingly itching to show us their artifacts and assets w/the phaser. Would be nice to see what Anovos has used.