Anovos STD phaser


What motivation could they possibly have in facilitating the making my own 3D print, even better? That runs counter to ensuring sales. It is bad enough the product photos they post can do this, no need to show the real McCoy.


The phaser is most assuredly printed directly from a set of original CBS files from the early part of season one’s production (which they really should make crystal clear in their product description as that should be a big selling point). Comparisons are easily made by fans to screencaps and the original phaser that’s been on public display several times, though I agree it would be nice if photographic documentation of this specific early version had been released.

I do wonder if that documentation was simply never created by the production given the hectic nature of film production. There were several running changes to the phasers over the course of the first season and perhaps this iteration was not documented.

Another possibility is what David says - Anovos may simply not be permitted to share internal production assets and in-development product information, apart from a single approved prototype. They’ve run into this with Disney who no longer allows them to “show their work.”


I’ll take another look at the complete 1st season of DSC. Focus this time are the props. I noticed that in the second episode (Battle At The Binary Stars) at 33:23 the phaser also has the power level on the right side. On closer inspection, however, you can see that this shot is mirrored. The Power Setting and Force Setting controls are reversed on the Type 1 phaser. I watch over the TV and unfortunately can not take a screenshot. I will continue to look closely and if there is something to report report.


There is a photo of it. It was shown on another board


Anovos wrote to me and told me the files from CBS were for the prototype only, so that’s why their phasers are that way. Production versions were too difficult to make with windows on both sides.


For the Anovos price tag… it should be perfect.


Agreed and I have an update. The plastic is very brittle and breaks easily. My cat knocked it over and it broke the back half off where the “thorax” is (as I call it). Back when it arrived, the paint was tacky and has worn completely off, exposing a black primer. In some places, even that has worn through, exposing white plastic underneath. In some areas (the trigger and rear top button), the 3D printing lines are visible. Several parts are screwed together, but others are held by rubber cement and come apart easily. I can see how some parts may fall off and get lost.


got any shot of it


Below is a reply I received from ANOVOS customer service regarding my inquiry for an update on the STD phaser:

Kiley (ANOVOS Productions LLC)

Aug 14, 2:41 PM PDT
Hi David,

As far as I have been told they are still being shipped for Summer. Management is writing the
updates for the Summer items so those will be going out hopefully in the next couple weeks.

I am unaware if it is good or bad news, I will not know until the updates come out.
The update will be sent straight to your email.

ANOVOS: Product Specialist


Wow. That pretty much tells you a whole lot of nothing.


What wave did you get in?


I’m in wave 2. The last update I received advised that I should receive the phaser by Sept. 21st. I have’nt received anything as of yet. No phaser, no update. But, to be fair they did’nt state September of what year.


WAVE 3, as in the year 3000.


My Anovos DISCO phaser was experiencing problems so I gave it back to Joe B. and he promised a replacement or repair. Hope is doesn’t take long…



Received my Wave 2 approx. 4 weeks ago. Waiting on the stand for it ???


Still waiting in phase two…:sleeping:


been waiting since jan for one


The finish on my Wave 1 was substandard. it is tacky and has a black residue on the gold top phaser 1 “scope” where the delta is. I was told by Anovos that they would exchange it. That was several months ago. I spoke to them again last month for an update on when the exchange would occur. The response I got was, one they had it in stock. Not sure what that means, but that is not a satisfactory answer. I will be bugging them again in the next couple of months. And I too do not have the stand or COA. I am crossing my fingers on the phaser rifle.


This is why I did order the rifle.


Looks like these overseas 3D printed wiz guys crank out something that looks great for a fraction of the price. Anovos/Eblan Oversell and then can’t turn units around fast enough. Why do ppl buy?