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I thought it be cool to set up a thread here (where I enjoy working n reading on things ) for working on the TOS desktop monitor. Big thanks to @rel571996 for this awesomeness. I was thinking that if anyone else was working on one we could share thoughts inputs photos. I am sure @rel571996 might have some advice :-). So here are the parts!

One question I have is about the magnets. They supposed to be adhered to the Plexiglass somehow? I’m not sure I understand how how to be able to remove the Plexiglas with them? Looks like they need to be glued to the plexiglass matching were those metal screws are in the lip.

Also the blue trim to go around the screen looks large so I guess we are supposed to trim the excess?

Also the graphics from Will seem like they would be obscured by the blue trim so maybe if you’re going to use the graphics from Will can’t put on the blue trim?

Any thoughts inputs are appreciated. Or if any others want to chime in @DigiGal :slight_smile:

My TOS Props

You glue or tape the magnets to the plexi where the 4 screws are on the inside frame area…



Is the planetary system graphic you have in the top image a recreation of the Talos system from “The Cage”…?


Yes I’ll chime in… I want one of those!!!


Yes :slight_smile:


That came from will!


Right on.

Do you have any good images and/or source files of that graphic?

I am a huge sucker for shipboard graphics used in the TOS through all the original cast films.

Perhaps it’s due to my vocation (a professional graphic designer).


@wood4sheep2 Dave thanks for starting a thread on this kit. I was going to start one for my own buildup which is currently underway but I’ll share photos in this thread. My build will be different than typical since I’ll be making some modifications.

Today was spent cutting and sanding some 1/4" MDF because the monitor will need data cards.


I seem to remember Will saying he might do a second run of these sometime this year. I did’nt get in on the first run, but was planning on getting in on the next one. Hopefully, he’ll do the second run.


I’ve enlarged the hole through the lazy susan from the base to the monitor (now 3/4"). This will allow a thin HDMI connector and additional cabling to easily pass since I’m modifying the kit to make it a functional desktop monitor with self contained computer.


Yes the boarder will need trimed,and the magnets you can put on the screws then put a dab of epoxy on the magnets then lay the plexiglass on top, let dry.


BOLD #1: What I did for mine was measure the placement of the screws for the thin wooden frame lining the inside of the screen area and transferred those measurements to the paper film on one side of the acrylic screen insert.

I then Dremeled out recesses in the acrylic to fit the magnets – being careful not to drill all the way through, or chip or crack the acrylic – removed the protective paper film from both sides and put a few drops of cyanoacrylate in the recesses and put the magnets in place:

After letting it sit for a while the glue holds the magnets pretty well, making it easy to remove the screen insert as needed. You’ll notice the drilled recesses show through the front a bit, but the blue screen border will cover that up so it’s not a concern.

BOLD #2: Yes, exactly. If using @tosgraphics’ screen graphics, then you would be correct in that you can’t put the blue trim on the screen insert. Unless, of course, you plan on doing what I am which is attach them to a very thin sheet of styrene and attach magnets to the back of each to make them interchangeable.

EDIT: Ah, @rel571996 just beat me to it! lol

I totally forgot, I need to get me some of these! lol


Dang @DigiGal this is awesome. I can’t wait to see this… I hope you set up your own thread just for your gig. Have you found a monitor?


I was thinking something like this. Thats why its so good to be talking on here. Love you all and all the interaction. I really like the styrene idea. My only wonder is how to pop the plexi screen out. Mitch did such an amazing job cutting and fitting that it is really tight. If doing the styrene then it makes sense to recess the magnets on the plexi to allow for them to be flat against one another.


Ummm…that makes complete sense :slight_smile: how do you pop the plexi out when needed?


Heck yes these look great. So you cut them bevel cut on one side and then how did you get the rounded side? Router?


PM @tosgraphics he did the amazing work there.


That was my question too but it was well answered now --see below–


I just love seeing the other monitor photos and activities. You really did an amazing job @rel571996 So appreciate your work.



Heck yes these look great. So you cut them bevel cut on one side and then how did you get the rounded side? Router?”

I made an angled cut on one side, straight cut on the other sides. For the rounded side I just sanded with 80 grit instead of digging out and setting up the router. I’ll be using the router for something else so stay tuned.