Desktop Monitor TOS


Finally spring weather, got the desktop monitor color coated today!


Sharon, what color are you using ? Want to get some for mine


I ended up using the same color @wood4sheep2 used on his. Had tried one coat of another using a HVLP sprayer but didn’t like the result so removed it and went with a good 'ol spray can for color coating. Don’t remember the name off hand so look back in the thread.


Very nice Sharon.


Awesome Sharon.


Sweet work there!!!


Excellent work @DigiGal


So cool, floating in space, inner space grated, but space just the same. :thinking:


Wonderful Sharon!


How did you get that chip in the paint? …Only kidding!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Sharon That is beautiful!!!



I so want one of those, that is just too cool! Looking great, Sharon.


Can’t wait to meet you at Ticonderoga to congratulate you on this build, Sharon!


only a small urgent question, which font did they use in TOS for displays etc?


Nothing is perfect but Century Gothic is close to fonts seen on the show.


As an added precaution decided to re-purpose some heat shielding I salvaged from old electronics. The new CPU board can run on the hot side. Cut the material to size needed, punched holes for board spacers and glued securely to the board mount surface.


Looks like you got it all figured out. Fantastic work!


. . . And because it’s an energy transfer, added some heat shielding under the DC-DC converter.


Re-assembly after final paint and clear coat, added some white Teflon grease to the bearings of the Lazy Susan.

^ I ended up using JB to mount the switches in place.

^ Used clear epoxy to mount the brass card slot guide.


This is looking great. I can’t wait to go all Spock in Amok Time on it. Yeah it’s gonna be great.