Desktop Monitor TOS


Base electronics installed and most of the cables fished through the base before attaching the top monitor. In addition to the heat shield I provided a little more air space around the CPU board by adding some height with additional board stand-offs.

^ In re-attaching the top with Lazy Susan to the base a stubby Phillips head screwdriver with magnetizer and a fine pair of tweezers are useful. The towel is protecting the paint finish during assembly.


Nice and I love Wihi.


What electronic experience do you have? Great stuff.


I love all the little mods and techniques you’re incorporating for heat and shielding and whatnot. It makes it all the more interesting and informative.


The EMI/RFI shielding is connected to ground by shortest path with least resistance. Making up the braided cable to go from the monitor shielding paint to earth ground as power enters the monitor.

I’ve been working at moving electrons around all my life and my hair is still straight. :wink:


That is so Awesome Sharon.


Digigal, your work is inspiring.


Very well thought out construction and modifications. The various techniques to achieve your build and it’s needs is impressive.


Fantastic Sharon. Really enjoying this thread.


Thanks everyone for all the compliments and encouragement, I’m pushing to have it ready for show at our prop meet Thursday.

Mitch, thanks again for making the excellent static kit to start with. Without it my custom build and modifications to make a functional TOS Desktop Monitor/Computer dream prop wouldn’t be happening.

Here’s hoping we’ll soon see others start sharing their monitor builds now with the arrival of Spring.


The Lady knows what she is doing. We are not having spring in Montreal.


I will for certain Sharon ! I will be following in your footsteps ! as said before true inspirational work !


Sharon this is Beautiful! Looking forward to seeing this in person!!


Monitor wiring all dressed up EMI/RF shielding is bonded with braided cable from my post above.


This monitor is IN-CRED-UHHH-BLE :bangbang:️:bangbang:️:bangbang:️


Had a piece of museum glass cut by the framing department at my local Michael’s Craft store who did a quick and superb job cutting the piece to fit.

Applied blue painters tape on the museum glass for the blue border now but am planning to have a new piece of blue vinyl custom cut later.




Display screen and museum glass installed . . .

. . . ^ Up and running again, ready for the trip to the prop party this week!


Sharon, that is beautiful.


Cool! If you make it display a picture of itself displaying a picture of itself you’ll get one of those infinity shots.