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Fascinating work Sharon


Fantastic Sharon


Sharon , if you have the time a video would be cool to see it in action for those of us who won’t have the pleasure of seeing it in person ! Trully mezmorizing


Beautiful work, Sharon. You rocked the hell out of that build.


Really looking forward to seeing this at the prop meet Sharon. It looked great back in February when it was partially built. Now finished it is incredible!




It looks like it walked off the set! If you don’t mind a question, what is museum glass?


That’s acrylic for photographs or what I purchased one time? The quality is superb and protects photos where glass cannot?


Ah, OK thank you!


Museum glass is actually glass, decided not to go acrylic.


OK, thank you for the information DigiGal!


Interesting. I had a western shot of myself and my two kids in sepia. Over time the photo faded. I contacted the company and they allowed me to purchase the color photo. Sears redid it in sepia and told me to get this Museum Glass that was acrylic. They explained the surface to photo contact on ordinary glass has detrimental results and would only guarantee the photo with it. It seems they have this in glass now. Thanks for the info Sharon.


Museum Glass is the most expensive type of glass that your local framing shop might use to frame prints or other items. It minimizes reflections and also offers superb UV light protection.


^ Yuuup! Not cheap but for a piece this size it was reasonable. In case you missed it I posted the benefits and typical applications of it a few posts back. This is not a typical application but is certainly suitable.


Mounting any type of artwork should use a matte so that the artwork does not touch the glass (or plastic). The problem is that any moisture inside the frame will most likely stick the artwork to the glass. If you’re lucky, they can be safely separated. if not…
–Paul E Musselman


Good point, in my application the museum glass is not directly on the screen, there is a barrier layer between them built into the LCD display. Many Apple iMac computers utilize a similar method.


In the case of an LCD display, another issue could develop if the screen directly touches the glass-- moisture between the two may result in an interference pattern between the two.


Sharon that is “out of this world!” I’m so looking forward to seeing this finished, the tease at the paper cave event with it was cool but this will be over the top seeing it complete!

Steve P.


In this case the moisture being Drool from us this weekend when we see it!


I see several of us are not sleeping tonight! LOL
Dave and Sharon…go to bed!