Desktop Monitor TOS


Did I mention I have acute insomnia. It’s cool I have company.


Macca PID, Insomnia stinks so I’m taking the opportunity to stream Capricorn One and a fascinating documentary about Neil Young’s model trains on my TOS Desktop Monitor! :rofl:


I wish I had better weather to finish off the BN restore and my Replica I wanted to show. Montreal is really bad for wheather. You flew through that Monitor build. I see the equipment in the background, it looks like you work in electronics.


So cool to see it in person on the FW thread while posting this photo. Feel free to consider the implications :slight_smile:


I’m working on designing a tos gumdrop keyboard for mine … I will be sure to share once I am done ! It’ll be just like the bridge control


I can’t wait to see this! Fun idea!


Goodie gumdrops, in the spirit of TFW how about some in progress photos, etc.


I have yet to begin physical construction. It’s still in the planning stages


There were several compliments on the paint/finish of my monitor by those who got to see it at our Fleet Workshop Prop Party in Ticonderoga. One of the techniques I used in achieving the finish was to JB Weld all the seams and exposed porous edges of the MDF. I used the long cure JB Weld built up in stages, was never happy with the results of using JB Quick Weld. Another option is using Bondo branded fill products or similar. Even with the longer cure times my personal preference is JB Weld. It’s a horses for courses scenario, basically whatever product you are comfortable using. Taking the time to fill the porous edges is benificial in the final finish. Here’s an early stage photo that helps illustrate.


That’s good advice. As I might make something out of MDF in the future, I’ll keep it in mind.


It was quite something seeing the finished product in person. I can’t imagine what you could possibly do to improve on what you’ve done, it came out perfect! I will definitely get in on another run if possible.
It was really nice meeting you, Sharon. You did an outstanding job on this build.


Due to the inspiring work @DigiGal has presented before us here , I too will be building a functioning computer replica ! As this thread has gotten rather lengthy I feel it would be appropriate to begin my own separately. Very very excited to commence further work


Saw your other thread, glad to have sparked an inspiration for you. Will be following your build thread, have fun!


Oh yeah! The next run has been delivered…I’m more than a little excited to get started. Thank you @rel571996, you are an awesome craftsmen, Mitch!


Mine came yesterday, I have to say I am very impressed with your work Mitch! Here’s a couple pics.


I have to second that. I just received mine the other day. I was really surprised at how nice it was. I really expected it to be much rougher. It will still require alot of work to get a ready nice finish on it, but Mitch gives you a really good start for a very reasonable price. Mitch is the best.


I have to echo this sentiment^ These are very well made and everything is tight. Just beautiful work.


Mitch definitely is the man when it comes to these kits. I have both the TOS and Tri Monitors that he offered a while back. Still haven’t had the time to finish them however as too many other projects in the works.


Thank you all for the kind words, I really enjoy doing the kits.


I have the monitor and Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ ordered. this should be fun.