Desktop Monitor TOS


Ummm…that makes complete sense :slight_smile: how do you pop the plexi out when needed?

^ Suction Cups

edit to add photo of the suction cups I use for removing monitor screens.


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I did a bunch of different graphics for this project of Rels a while back on the TPZ. If there is enough interest I could have more printed-up but lets take this conversation to PM


You are the King of tos-grafics.


if you do any more I am wondering if you took in to consideration the Blue Border when making the graphic sizing?


Thats a nice idea-


The blue border is no problem to do as part of the graphic. Sometimes they had it; sometimes they didn’t. The boarder appears to be a frame outside of the backlit graphic. See how on the RH side it is not lit


Idea for new screen graphics - menus.


Hey @rel571996 you mention using red leds on TPZ is that to lite up the opening just below the screen?


Yes, my first build I used standard 9v red leds. When it was on you seen 3 round leds. I now use 9v red leds wide spread.


Love this thread!


having been up to Ticonderoga on a couple work weekends I have seen them working on the MDX and painting. I wonder if @JamesCawley would be willing to share what primer they use and what color gray he used for the monitors on the set. So much knowledge and expertise that James has collected. It’s amazing.


from your photo these look like 3" x 2 3/8" to the long side of the bevel cut.


The data cards are serving multiple purposes for me; monitor needs to have them, painting practice with MDF, will double as paint color reference chips, may embed a magnet in them to trigger a reed switch. I never painted MDF before and the stuff is, well fibrous, so I’m trying a special primer for porous surfaces.

Below is first coat after sanding and some size reference photos. I don’t know if these are screen accurate sizes but they’re what I made by eye to fit the monitors card slot and its built in storage bay in the base.


Here are the measurements for the Data Card…


did i mention that I love this forum. Thanks @jameskirk damn @DigiGal looks like you eyed it up pretty damn close


Pardon my question, how do we know this drawing is accurate for TOS?

For example, I’m noticing that the rounded edge is only rounded on one half in the drawing above but studying screen captures the data cards on the show had a fully rounded radius.


They are accurate. The original tapes had both the full round and half round ends depending on when they were made


Interesting thanks both, didn’t know that, just figured the half rounds were made for re-visits of TOS from newer series or copies. If these are the actual measurements it makes sense to be even numbered. I’m amazed how close I got by guessing, should’ve searched first but didn’t want to take time while I was at the table saw. I’ll live with fraction of an inch off but correct the size if I make any more.