Desktop Monitor TOS


I think I’ll get four data discs made out of 1/4" acrylic done at the shop :slight_smile:


Does anyone know what the originals were made of?


There’s this diagram as well.


I was not aware of this run. Who did them and are any still available?


The originals were made of wood


It was @rel571996. He did an amazing job. Send himma PM. I think he mentioned another run later this year. @PKaneProps wants one too. It was listed on that site that shall not be named :wink:


Looks great, Sharon! I was wondering if you had to buy a whole 4x8 sheet of MDF?


No, my Orange Box Store sells 2x2 sheets too.


I had a few made from aluminum a year or two ago which are great except its like a frickin’ knife blade on the angled side. It will very easily cut you, lol.


those would make one hell of a window scraper in the Winter for your car.


Yikes. Can they be tumbled to take the edges off? Were you thinking of anodizing them or something


Not much time yesterday but made up some board mounts from the 1/4" 2’x2’ MDF sheet.


Figured out where I wanted to mount them and got the board mounts glued in place over the weekend.





That’s fantastic Sharon…


So I got the monitor primed. First coat at least. Got some sanding and finishing to do but I thought I would test out the graphics and lighting so I have some idea of how I am going to wire things. First thing I realized was that the white Plexiglas panels did not allow the cool graphics from @tosgraphics to show through. Duh!


I wanted to try out some bright LED lights hoping to get everything a low-voltage system. Maybe be able to use a battery pack or a thin cable inverter.
Picked up a safety light from Walmart. Put it in the cavity and it worked great. I’ll probably cannibalize it for the parts. I also see that on eBay I could get the LED panel on its own.!!
I had to get some plexiglass cut. I also had to get some new vinyl borders. I applied one of @tosgraphics graphics to a plexiglass then I also applied the new border to the clear plexiglass.
I am feeling good about this. I got a couple of @tosgraphics so I will mount each on plexiglass and I could swap them out when I get tired of the current look!

Big thanks to @DigiGal for recommending suction cups.


Nice work and the graphic application looks great.


@wood4sheep2 good job working with the graphics using clear Plexiglass vs. Plexiglas® (acrylic sheeting)

For powering mine I’ll be using a 12V DC supply and stepping down to 5V DC with a DC-DC converter since my build will be using both voltages.

TOS Desktop PWR


Thats cause you rock @DigiGal


Got the monitor painted. Seperating the parts made for a better job.
Tested out using led strips. Works great.
Instead of using red led for the light I am hoing to apply a red gel to the plexi. I also sanded the plexi to obscure the features behind it.


@wood4sheep2 Looking real good, hopefully we’ll see some others share their build progress on these kits. What color paint did you use? I picked up some light gray SW Mineral Deposit that was mentioned in another forum by @Buddahaid to paint mine.

How is everyone planning to mount the switches in the base? I’m still considering options, here’s some progress since last time.

Removed the two side slats of the monitor hood so the LCD screen will fit.

Test fit of the boards and DC-DC converter.

Picked up and installed a couple of metal magnetic cabinet latches to hold the LCD screen in place.