Desktop Monitor TOS


And a test run… just gotta work on light leakage …


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@wood4sheep2 your build is really taking shape. A thought that may be beneficial for using backlight graphics, you may want to consider painting the inside of the monitor/light box a reflective color like white or silver. Perhaps even lining it with aluminum foil to achieve the most amount of light reflection toward the screen. This may help in light leakage too depending where you are getting the light spills from.

Here’s a question for the group: Which way should the switches be orientated for ON & OFF? IIRC the right switch turns on the orange/red LED window under the monitor and sometimes turned on the screen? I’ve noticed on STC that with the left side of the right switch down this is the ON position. I don’t recall the actual switch position(s) in TOS of the Desktop Monitors.

For my mind it would feel more natural operationally to flip the switches from left side down for OFF to right side down for ON. Again I don’t recall the orientation used on TOS or even if they were consistant in this.

Right now I’m planning to use the right switch to turn on the 12V supply and the orange/red LED window. The left switch would in turn switch on the 5V supply. I’m not committed at this point.


What does the 5v run?


5V will power the CPU board, 12V will power the video driver board and LCD screen module along with the orange/red LED and DC to DC Converter.


I don’t know if the others were like this but in Journey to Babel the right switch on the engineering monitor turns on the internal light which illuminates both the screen and red window (though it is kind of golden/orangey color in that episode) .

“On” seems to be with the right side of the right switch pressed in:



^ @EWilliams Thank you, it’s interesting in looking closely at those photos that the left switch actually looks to be a three position switch [ON - OFF - ON] that appears to be in the Center OFF position.

If anyone notices and can share other examples in this thread it would help consolidate the information for these monitors.

I recall seeing an episode where putting a data card in the slot activated the screen and believe another time that flipping the right switch turned on the screen.


Could we start some spotting lists?

List A could be places the monitor shows up, like crew quarters set, engineering, etc. And List B could be specific moments it’s being used in a scene to show something or an actor interacting with it.


Hmmmmm. looks like we need to shave off a slant of .25 or more off of the viewscreen shield judging from that last pic. Notice the angle from top to bottom…Or is it just me ?


What did you use for the card reader slot ? I managed to snag one a couple of weeks ago bit it has yet to be delivered.


Leave it to you to think about desert! LOL


…I don’t quite recognize the screen shot. What’s a desert card?



This one place I used for research. Pretty good content. It also helped when I messed my border and had it reprinted. I did some tweaking. And helped me settle on using white light for the lower indicator with a gel for coloring to get the right look IMHO.


It came from @rel571996 resin cast. You could PM him about it.


I checked the webpage I listed and lots of play through shots from episodes. IMHO they always go to the right to activate the unit and I never see a use of the left switch. Also IMHO from study pushed in on the left side is off and pushed in on right side is on.


Dessert. From “And The Children Shall Lead”, the replicator “cards” used to get ice cream.




Ahhh…desSert card! I was reading it too literally. No wonder I didn’t understand :confused:



In “Charlie X” when Janice hits the switch to activate the intercom, she starts with the switch pressed in to the right and the little light below the viewscreen on, then she pushes the switch pressed in to the left and the light goes out. Which would be consistent with Kirk’s use in “Journey to Babel.”


Would like to set mine up like wood4sheep2 did his, batteries and light control though the rocker switch and not plugged into the wall like a lamp. Only, I’m a bit confused on the wiring of which wire goes where, and how it connects to the LED and battery pack. I’m guessing there were wires in the battery pack and LED to connect to?