Desktop Monitor TOS


Yes there are. Just pick up these led flashlights or others like them and disassemble. I soldered extended wires. You have to keep polarity straight. Its easy unlike the amazingness @DigiGal is doing. She is on another level


Figured out the light leakage. The edges of the plexiglass were broadcasting light. Also my light is too bright lolf. So tried temporarily defusing the light and I taped the edges of the plexi. Much better.


Wow, Dave… that came out amazing! Thanks for taking the time to document this build, I will have to attempt one of these in the future.


Well like many things it looks cooler in photos :wink: but I do feel good how it turned out. Thank you. The collaboration on this thread is super fun for me. A number of others got parts at the same time and its so inspiring to see what everyone is doing and share knowledge from many of the Fleet. Can’t wait to see @DigiGal 's evolve.


what type of paint finish? Semi Gloss or ? Thanks so much for any thoughts.


Great job Dave!

Your comment made me recall these which could make for a whimsically bizarre combo in a TOS Monitor.


Interesting, you may have discovered the reason for the blue border in the show. It always looked like blue painters tape or more likely blue spike tape typically used to mark spots for actors to stand or move to etc. This tape probably held the graphic to the monitor screen and blocked light from going though the edges of the acrylic.


It should have a slight sheen, a semi gloss or satin


Dave totally beautious!!! Will’s graphic knocks it out of the park!


Damn I NEED on of those monitors!!!


Thanks man!! Beginner prop maker with lots of help n advice. N super parts from @rel571996 too :slight_smile:


Nothing exciting but took advantage of a warm day to seal prime the base. JB’d the metal tabs for the magnetic cabinet latches to the back of the LCD screen, and clamped to cure for 24hr.


you go @DigiGal so fun to see the progress


Hi there new to this board but an old timer at therpf & trek prop zone

Does anybody know if Gregg paint formulas were for gallon quart or pint? My paint guy at Walmart was. Worried about it



I don’t know it was never said…
But being for data disks one could assume that it would be for a smaller amount…


Have been quickly painting up the data cards to go with the monitor. Not aiming for screen accurate on these just a colorful assortment. I’m already tired of painting them but will need to revisit if I end up embedding a magnet in the cards to trigger a reed switch. At any rate they’re good enough for now, so back to working on the monitor.

TOS Data Cards


Love the desert card :slight_smile: for that sweet tooth!


They’re Awesome Sharon…
I will be doing that to mine soon as the weather gets better…


I’m thinking I’ll cut up another set of data cards to the dimensions in the supplied drawings (thank you) above for embedding magnets. I haven’t powered up the LCD screen yet but there’s a N.O. momentary switch on the switch board to turn on the screen. Thus, it looks like I’ll probably need a reed switch with magnets in the cards for turning on the screen by inserting a card since I don’t want to add any external switches or add a regular switch to the card slot. If the screen will remember the ON status after killing the 12V power and turning it back on then I won’t need to add a switch.

When the weather gets warmer in the spring I’ll be doing the final color coat on the monitor.

These rough data cards will do for now just to have something, finishing MDF isn’t a lot of fun especially in the winter weather.

For the monitor itself I’ll be filling the edges and seams so hopefully that’ll help in finishing. At this point I want to get the monitor primed and start working on the electronics. Then I’ll take it apart in the spring and color coat it in nice spring weather.


you are a beast Sharon and a very patient one. I would not be able to be so methodical :wink: its gonna be awesome