Desktop Monitor TOS


Why embed magnets? Just put a light source / light receiver on opposite sides of the card slot, et voila! No need to re-paint.

Re-paint! And thin no more!

Check out some of the model railroad sites for Crossing Signals. They often use light/photocell circuits to trigger things.

–Paul E Musselman


@PaulMmn Thanks for the suggestion, I gather you are a model railroader? I never got into it myself but it is always fun to see the layouts running in person.

I actually cut up a new batch of data cards on the table saw to the correct size earlier tonight. I won’t be finishing or painting them until Spring weather arrives. Had previously picked up a simple reed switch and magnets right after getting the LCD panel in case I need to have a momentary N.O. switch to activate the LCD so I’m all set in that regard instead of re-thinking it with a photocell.

Turns out I cut the initial batch of cards a fraction too small. Basically since they were cut, rounded, and primed already I went ahead and finished them off for the painting practice with MDF. This was one of my reasons for making them first before painting the monitor since I’d never painted MDF before.


@DigiGal only you will know they are not the right size…
I think they look Awesome…


I will admit that I bought Mitch’s wonderful kit, but haven’t yet opened the box (I’m probably not the only one…)

In some episodes, the viewer had a brass or bronze “receiving slot” for the card. Does Mitch’s kit have that, or has anyone thought about the best way to replicate that detail?

You can see the oval-shaped brass piece in this closeup of Janice Rand’s hand from “Charlie X”…


Gal-- yet another, simpler fix: Place one of these at the bottom of the slot:


It’s a MicroSwitch with Lever Actuator. Just make sure there’s enough support so the card just activates the switch, and doesn’t put its full weight on the lever.

–Paul E Musselman


I had actually considered those lever micros and even have a similar one on hand but it’s an ON-OFF variety instead of momentary.

I rather like the idea of a reed switch better. The reed switch is a simple mount that doesn’t take much space or complexity. Having cards with magnet’s and some without will be a nice option too.


@dave Yes, the kit includes a resin replica of the part. I painted mine with brass colored paint because brass was my best guess of what the original was made from.

Edit to add photo of the part:


You’re right Dave, haven’t opened mine also.


When you guys open yours, will you post photos of the kit? I wasn’t aware of its existence until people started showing partially built examples here.


First post of the thread shows the kit as it come out of the box. Since sales are not permitted in TFW you have to look outside this forum for kits.


I just want to look, not buy. Thanks, but I only see a few kits pieces in the first post. I was curious what the whole thing looks like out of the box.


Again, first post of the thread shows the kit as it comes out of the box.


Are you suggesting the only things in the kit are the switches, card reader bezel, and screen graphics? Because that’s what I see sitting next to a mostly built Monitor. Is the monitor scratch built and the kit is just the finishing details? That would explain my confusion as I thought the whole monitor came in the kit.

…or does the monitor come as well, already pre-built?


I’m pretty sure there is a whole thread over on Trek Prop Zone with pics.


Exactly as you see and what you see in the first post of this thread is how the kit is supplied with the exception of the graphic transparency. Other than an unboxing video I don’t know what else you are looking for. Dave’s first post mentioned, “So here are the parts!”, then he posted photos of them after having removed them from the shipping box.


This is how I offered the monitor
DSCN5706 by Mitch Lehman, on Flickr


I get it now. I just wasn’t thinking it came pre-built so thought I was missing something. Thanks.


Welcome to the program :wink:


A quick trial with an Orange COB and the replacement lens I cut to replace the clear one supplied with the kit. My replacement lens is cut to the same size from a piece translucent plastic. The combo provides a soft even light when ON and looks good OFF so I’ll plan to go with it.


Very nice!