Desktop Monitor TOS


Here’s an interesting online find over at Trek Core, one of Matt Jefferies Early Desktop Viewer Sketches.


That is so cool. His designs are just amazing.


Matt Jefferies is my hero. He could design just about anything for any show, and he did.


Data discs and a 16:9-ish aspect ratio. I think Matt Jefferies may have been from the future.


Won’t be long before Steve P. builds one that communicates with the future – and that’s also 16:9. :wink:


I have finally received my monitor kit from the same gent and absolutely love it. I am anxious for spring to come so that I can finish it up and paint it. I am also looking to put in the same screen as DigiGal! I am thinking of plugging the screen into my laptop so that I can use Skype or something to actually have someone speaking to you from the screen!

One question for the folks here…What sort of filler putty are you using on the MDF?



You can use any commercially available wood putty. We use Fammowood(?) at work. Automotive spot putty and body filler (Bondo) will work to. You can also use the old sawdust and glue method. If you are trying to seal the mdf prior to painting I just use a sandable primer. I’ll spray several coats on before sanding however. Then re coat as necessary.


If you are going to use automotive paint on MDF , then a wood sealant is the best treatment you can use to prime the surface as MDF is a wood composite material , and has a porous surface .


An update as work has resumed on this. Coating of shielding paint inside the monitor for EMI/RFI compliance. Hit with heat gun to cure, this paint isn’t supposed to be pretty just function inside.

Glued and clamped a replacement visor to fit the LCD Display Panel.


Some Desktop Monitor humor from the “Redshirt’s Little Book of Doom”


Some priming followed by gluing the hood to the monitor.


Looking great!


So what a nice guy like me gotta do to get one of those…


That’s super neato Sharon.


Jon Paul that’s what I say! I need one of these kits!!


Sharon rocks… just sayin


looking good


Yes, a box of the parts would be a nice project…


More priming after gluing the new hood to the monitor and filling the seams.


Damn! That is looking fantastic!