Discovery Communicator - my build log and 3D printable files


I painted them and they look fine for me,but thanks for all you do Ethan.


The animated blueprint indicated the green holes are the charging indicator.


I have something for you that you might be interested in. Bobbytb43 at yah.


I have a 12*18 star trek discovery communicator blueprint. Do you want it ??? I have two…


Thank you very much for the offer, but I’m completely out of wall space to hang something like that. I appreciate it though. Hold onto it, and maybe you could include it as part of your gift in the Secret Santa gift exchange in December, if you’re participating :slight_smile:


Did not know about that ok that sounds great


OMG…I want one of these so badly! I wish I had a 3D printer.

It looks absolutely amazing!


I broke down and bought a 3d printer