In Wall Red Alert


Who can lend guidance how to make the Large In wall Red Alert lights?



Hinged wooden frame. . .


Does this vintage glass pattern have a name? Is this glass still available?

There are 3D printed versions for sale but the glass section does not look accurate.


Is it just me or does that look like the outline of a phaser inside that light?


In the episode it is a hidden Phaser in self destruct mode that was found and disposed of quickly before it exploded.


The glass always looked like shower doors from the time. It must have a name though and could it possibly still be manufactured?



That’s from “The Conscience of the King” episode. Kodos’s crazy daughter was trying to kill Kirk.


That type of glass is variously called fluted, ribbed or reeded glass. It is still available if you search for architectural glass. I think the difficulty is whether the flutes are concave or convex and how wide the flutes are. To me, the optics suggest concave flutes about an inch wide.


Do you think that’s glass or plastic?


Georem is correct on the three names.

IF you wanted to try to keep it cheap, contact a local sign shop (even chains like FASTSIGNS or SIGNS NOW) and ask them if they have translucent coroplast. This is the same material you see for plastic signs tacked to poles and seen in lawns for their child’s school activity or roofer’s sign. If they do ask them just for a scrap piece or to cut you a piece so that you can experiment with.


I might ask a few people who have done CG sets if they figured out its geometry (convex/concave).


Well that certainly makes sense then! I’m watching the series again and haven’t gotten to that episode yet.


Season one, episode thirteen.


It’s concave. I’m not sure if it’s still available or if it was special ordered for the reproductions I’ve seen.


I started rewatching TOS for the first time in several years this week. I got to “The Enemy Within” and it looks like the sickbay cabinet is either the same or a similar material as the in-wall red alert panel.

Screenshot courtesy of TrekCore:


You have’nt watched TOS Star Trek in Years! Oh the horror! The last time someone admitted that on here, there was a group of angry villagers with torches and pitch forks at their front door. Take your family and run while you still have a chance.


You can run but you can’t hide !!! LOL !!!


Yes. that’s well…BLASPHEMY!!!

How could you??!!


How about the basics, where can I find a 12" x 6" box preferably with a flange so I can mount a flashing bulb therein?



Possibly a fire extinguisher wall cabinet?