Making myself known


Hi all!

After reading a previous posy by a fellow member, i’ve decided to make myself known.

You’ve probably seen me lurking and commenting on posts in the past but i’ve decided to introduce myself finally :slight_smile:

I’m currently in the process of designing and creating small scale props such as medical/engineering devices though do have a question: in regards to adding sound to a prop (such as medical scanner or engineering device, does anyone have any advice on how this can be achieved) so that light and sound will be in unison?

Apologies if that sounds like a rookie question.


Welcome. I can’t help you with your question other than saying there is no such thing as a rookie question. Nothing is obvious to the uninformed. Good luck with your inquiries and looking forward to seeing your work.


Welcome to the FW.


Welcome aboard. I am sure someone here can answer your question.


When I buy resin props from Stapleton Productions on Ebay I then go to GM props on Ebay to buy the custom electronics made specifically for those props. other wise if it is a custom built prop I look on Ebay for soundboards and flashing LED’s and use and or modify them. That is what I had to do for me First Contact Rifle build.


Thanks for introducing yourself, welcome to the Fleet.


That could be the way for me to go, however with such small devices such as dermal regenerators or laser tools, it’s the difficulty in finding small enough circuits, due to their size, or the necessary hodge-podge of wiring to accommodate the said circuits themselves - ensuring they fit into the props.