Medkit Mark I (early season)


It just occurred to me that we’ve never done a thread on the Crusher/Pulaski early-season medkit.

@hms has some great pics of it on his Flickr:

First appearance is “Lonely Among Us”

Here we can see a solid green light on the side and a blinking red one on top. A backlit LCARS graphic on the front, and some plexi panels (green backlit on side, and alternating green and red on top)

It appears prominently in “Skin of Evil”

With interior closeups in “Cause and Effect”

There is also “The Battle”

Icarus Factor

Shades of Gray

I am currently working on collating other appearances, but I’m wondering if anybody has seen any sizing information on this one anywhere. I don’t think it ever went up for auction that I could tell. You can sort of vaguely gauge it from the tools inside, some of which have roughly known dimensions. It would be helpful if I can find a good in-focus screenshot where it’s perfectly in plane with the camera, but I haven’t yet found one.

@Eric_Ardros has drawn up some cool 2D sketches of this prop, so perhaps he can shed some light on how he did his sizing. And input from anyone else would be greatly appreciated.

I believe @ivoyage also has some insights and interest in this prop.

I’m definitely keen to start working on a 3D model for a buck soon!


I can’t believe we never started a thread for this here! Better late than never, lol.

Thanks for posting those specific screencaps from “Lonely Among Us”. I’d always wondered what colours were used for the acrylic inserts on the side and top of the case.

Can’t quite make out what coloured acrylic was used for the bottom two on the side. Kind of kewl to see the earlier TNG Medkit also utilized red/green LEDs. Probably 5mm like the later model.

For sizing I did pretty much as you surmised, using known dimensions of some of the props to eyeball the overall size of the case.

Specifically, I focused on the Medical Mk VII, standard Hypospray and TNG-style Laser Scalpel to gauge the dimensions.

I also used the dimensions of the Mk VI graphics (of which there is a static set seen on one of the inside surfaces) to figure it out.


The preproduction med kit that I am working on also calls for red and green LEDs, but the holes that are currently in the interior control panel, done by HMS, are 4mm in diameter. Just FYI.


I think there was s good discussion about this case on the RPF a long time ago

I seem to remember it being said that it was based on a found tool case but one half was scratch built. Something along those lines.


That is correct. Unfortunately, the type of found case was never identified.

So, for our purposes, the entire thing would have to be built from scratch.


Which side is found and which side is custom? Is the funky looking side the custom half?


That was also never determined, I’m afraid :confused: All Mike from @hms could tell us was one half was a found case and the other half was built from scratch.


Does anybody have the link to the old RPF thread?

I can find the one where Elvis shows his drawings, but not the one to which you guys are referring.

I heard the same thing about the half-found case from @ivoyage, but perhaps he just got the info from the RPF thread.

I think it’s the upper side in the image below. That’s both because it simply looks vacuum-formed, but also because of the number of haphazard plant-ons on the face of the other side, which looks like they might be covering branding or other details of the case that they wanted to hide.


You guys might be thinking of this TPZ thread :slight_smile:

Looks like the exterior decals changed a bit over time. Early on the bumpy side has red capsule labels but the prop photos at the top of this thread have the caduceus there.


The medkit is still hanging out in sickbay even on the Enterprise E :slight_smile:

Lower right:

(It’s so cool that I’d bet the Voyager has one, too, and even in the same spot ;))


Good catch, Ethan! It’s kewl to see the original prop still getting used that late in the franchise.


Wow. Apparently I even participated in that thread and completely forgot about it. :blush:


Just stumbled across someone selling the original on Facebook.

Some interesting photos-


The excitment and disapointment I’m feeling right now is horrible! Excited that this is out there and maybe more information can be gained from it, disapointment that I cannot afford it for myself. This prop business can be so bitter sweet sometimes.


Nooo, why would you have someone (even Gates) autograph an original like that?? :cry:


The owner also says that she used for cosplay at cons!


Link Please


Uh oh.

I think Mike is going to reprimand someone for propper prop usage!



Admits what is tantamount to neglect yet still wants more than she paid?