Medkit Mark I (early season)


Well It was the only one made and used on set.


Even more disturbing that she used it for “cosplay”. I half want to buy it just to get it out of her hands.



Same here.

Unfortunately, the seller never posted more pics of it including it lit up. Would’ve loved to see that.


Looks like this was posted in December, so it’s possible she has parted with it by now, but I just messaged her to find out.

It’s a shame about the autograph. =\


Yeah, I figured that’s why she never posted more pics.


I think she posted it again in march if I remember correctly. Didn’t seems like it had sold.

I went through a bunch of that groups timeline earlier today. Fun stuff on there!


Is there another way to view her posts without needing facebook? I’m afraid I’m one of those people that doesn’t exist because I’m not on facebook. Yes someone once thought I was “dodgy” and “not a real person” because they couldn’t find me on facebook!


Don’t feel bad. I’m not on Facebook either. Glad I’m not the only one!


As a screen used collector seeing things like this make me sick. I believe people as a whole who purchase screen used items have a duty maybe even a responsibility to keep the items the best way they can. Cosplaying with it and dragging it around to cons, unless properly taken care of is sacrilegious. I remember seeing a guy in his Reman costume that was meant for an actor 50 pounds lighter than he was stretching it out and destroying it. When these props are destroyed they and their history is gone…


The autograph could easily be removed with care.


I was not on Facebook until a few months ago. I only did it so I could read some hobby related stuff more easily. In fact…my identity there might be fictional. Hypothetically, because you’re not supposed to do that. :slight_smile:


Was this medkit custom made? Or modified from an existing case?


It looks vacu formed to me.


As was discussed earlier in this thread, there was a discussion over at the TPZ or RPF wherein Mike from @hms explained that one half was vacu-formed while the other half was from a manufactured case :sunglasses:


Here are some great pics of the interior from the owner


She just sent you those pics? Awesome! Did she have anymore to share?

That finally answers for me what coloured acrylic was used on the side. Three blue, one green!


I actually dug them up in the same prop group in another posting she had made previously.


Ryan Norbauer, Prop sleuth!


There was a TNG Mirror Universe comic display up at STLV17 and it featured this amusing variant

So weird/creepy.


That’s so wrong on so many levels! But I like it. So I guess that says something about me!