Medkit Mark I (early season)


As we can see in the excellent internal photos , there is a circuit built inside, I can see three chips , so they are chasers or flashers, can Mike at HMS , describe what these did in terms of the sequences ??


Ever since I heard that one half was a found item and the other half was custom built from a vac formed piece, I have been wondering why? What was “wrong” with the original other half? Why was it ditched instead of being used? Has the original found case ever been identified? So many questions!!!.. …


I’m sure there are many more people, who know a lot more about this case than I , but to a fan and observer, it has been redressed several times at least four , in fact and appears to have different a) layouts ( in that the tricorder graphic appears and disappears ) and b) different foam cut inserts which appear to suit various equipment , especially tricorders and this from what I know is where the base ( the fabricated piece) originates . Rumour has it, that it was fabricated ( with a deeper body cavity) to allow an actual tricorder to fit inside as the case (original) didn’t have the clearance to accommodate one.



This project would be really fun. Was there any other information on it?

Over the past few days I have been reading the “found case” thread and half of this case was found. @Lt.Washburn - you’re at bat. Can you find what the case was? :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


I’m currently in the initial phases of working on a potential replica of this with Roddenberry, and I’ll be able to provide much more detail eventually (including a 3D scan) but, for now, here are some good images of the original, which show a number of details that had previously been a mystery. Also, some great reference here for the Mark VI tricorder graphics!

My work-in-progress, slightly idealized, CAD model:


The original piece is beautiful in it’s own wonky way, but the CAD model is really special too. Lovely stuff.


I should add that the final CAD model is actually for a positive mold, so the final plastic parts should have nice soft edge curves more like to the original.

As it happens, they’re actually starting work on the prototype tooling today. I’m working with a factory outside of LA that has some really amazing equipment. The use a multi-axis CNC router to trim the part and all the through-holes in like under a minute. From what I saw when I visited the facility, I believe their machines will make it possible to pull and cut a hundred of these in something like a single morning.


Wow! Didn’t know there were places that could combine vacuum forming and CNC for trimming but it makes perfect sense to do so!


I’ve seen that on How It’s Made, but
I forget the product. …or maybe it was Shark Tank, now that I think about it.

3rd edit… no, I’m wrong, it was the Great Christmas Light Fight. Guy made custom holiday decorations at his company that did this.


I have to confess, I am always amazed at how rough some of the pre-HD television and film props are at times.


Very cool stuff, can’t wait to see the first pull.


This is exciting. Cant wait to see this come together.


I’m assuming this will be the case with all the medical instruments inside?


I’m glad to see progress being made with this one. So kewl :sunglasses:


that looks really promising! great!!!


A prototype mold machined from urethane tooling foam. :smile: Some pulls in plastic coming next week.


Dude, I love you…





@norbauer…this is freakin’ awesome. Looking forward to seeing a pull from it. Need a piano hinge for the halves unless they’re part of the mold. Just need a rod insert. Love me some medical props. Part of the collection, for fans, you don’t get to see much of.


Yes, @Ripleysclone, the one I’m working on for Roddenberry will have a custom powder-coated hinge to match the shell exterior color.