Miniature Bullet Catches, TOS P1 Phaser, TOS Phaser Rifle


I have been looking for these for a while. 1/4" diameter. Great price too. For TOS Phaser rifle rotating barrel and, Certain TOS resin or FG phaser’s to secure the P1, and/or anything else one can dream up.

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#31 "I Still Feel It” Bradley Nelson in for Restore

Yep those are good ones and I may have bought mine there some years ago. Looks familiar.

In any case, the only thing I’ve ever had to watch out for with these catches is some will protrude out the back when depressed and others don’t.


THX for that tip Scott. I bought-up a batch of old Dennis Stine’s resin Midgrade Phaser kits with the metal add-ons. I will be using these catches to secure the P1’s…planning on milling up some steel buttt-strikes for the P1 as the resin won’t like rubbing against the ball.

Photo of the Stine’s resin body compared to the West Coast Collector’s P2 FG Midgrade (courtesy R. Shanko 5/4/2008, 10:24am pst):


Amazon has some as well.

NATIONAL/SPECTRUM BRANDS HHI N219-055 3/8-Inch Bullet Catch, 4-Pack


McMaster Carr has a pretty good variety too. They’re listed in two categories:

Or look under “Ball nose spring plungers” here:


THX for that


Very Nice, THX