Orb Case Build


I’m at it again with two Orb Cases to build and they look to be pretty challenging so I’m going to start by creating a 1:1 model in Fusion 360 to help me visualize relationships and create assembly parts.

So far its just a shell.


Looking forward to following along :grinning:


The basic shell model is done so now I can start fleshing out the interior parts I’ll need to fabricate.


I’ve made the ribs and interior walls so on to the door interiors.


I think this makes the framework done so time to suss out the hinges and lighting although I am worrying that the door frame may not be strong enough to hold the shape and I’ll have to bend acrylic sheets too.


What reference are you using? It looks great so far.


The kit parts and photo references I’ve collected.


Nothing to show but that I’ve figured out out to export the sketches in Fusion 360 to use as patterns and this is one area that Fusion 360 let’s us down. The only choice is to “Save As DXF” which can then be opened in AI and printed from there. The bad news is the save is scaled down and has to be enlarged by 283.2%.

So, I’ve just ordered some 1/8" x 12" x 24" plywood which I’ll use for the frame pieces.


I’ve had luck saving Fusion 360 drawings as PDFs and then opening those in AI to make laser cutting patterns. It takes the extra step of monkeying around with the “drawing” view, rather than exporting the sketches directly (which is what you describe, if I understand correctly).

When creating the drawing the view scale was set to 1:1 and when saving the PDF there was some kind of remove line weight option (I will check later to see the exact name) I needed to use as well. Then the drawing will open at 1:1 in AI.


I’m not seeing that as a choice. How do you save it?


It’s the “Output” button on the right end of the drawing toolbar:

It’s a little convoluted since you have to generate a drawing from the component model.

More here: https://forums.autodesk.com/t5/fusion-360-design-validate/how-do-i-print-out-a-sketch/td-p/5480577


I was just there. I never used the “Drawing” section before. It works but takes some fussing around to put the large part in a place where I can print it.



When you open the DXF in Illustrator you just need to set the units. Make sure it is set to 1 unit = 1 mm (or whatever the default unit is in your 3D model), and it should work.


Ah thank you and I see what happened. When I changed the units from points to millimeters the scale changed from 1:1 to 1:0.3528 which I missed.


Yes, it drives me crazy that Illustrator does this automatically. I can’t imagine why someone would want that as the default behavior.


I’m guessing it’s just an overlooked consequence of the translation that has never been addressed, and yes, it is an annoying quirk.



I made some progress on one case and have a better grasp on how to put these together. These are pretty annoying to build being sort of like a card house.

The floor will consist of two layers of acrylic so I can channel wiring from the base to the doors. Only the top layer is shown at the moment and that is glued on to the sides. Next I need to cut another piece of acrylic to form a frame for the top so when it’s glued on the case will have some rigidity finally.


I love your sea foam kitchen tiles-:sunglasses:


Thank you, they are glass.


Cool- Nice to see some color in the world again.