Orb Case Build


I think I have a strong enough framework now to move on to the second case and get it caught up.

I added two more plywood pieces to create more of a box structural element.


Both cases are on the same page now so time to worry the doors into place somehow.


How are you cutting out those finely detailed wood pieces, @Buddahaid? They look perfect and—and very sophisticatedly engineered.


I’m using patterns printed from the Fusion 360 model and cut with a band saw while the fill is is all measure as you go and cut. The frame’s only job is to be strong since it gets covered and 1/8" birch plywood seemed the best material for the job since it is rigid and easy to use. It’s inexpensive from Amazon too.


Very cool. So you’re just printing out the 2D DXFs, laying the over the plywood, and tracing with the saw?


Exactly and fortunately the Pixma printer excepts 11 x 17 paper.


Will the outter jewels on the box light up, or just the orb itself?


Did the prop have a “finished” inside, with details? Or was it just a black void? Perhaps lines with velvet or something?


They will light if I can make it happen.


The inside is finished in a gold color with some stripes in that Bajoran orange/brown tone, or something like that.


Ah, okay.


It’s been a bit of a roller coaster on the personal side of things, but I have enough done to show progress.

My first thought about the hinges was to take Mike’s retrospective comment about using the hinges as conductors, and use MkVII style hinges. No good, at least at my competency. It required a hinge with the smallest diameter joint to limit the travel of the side plates. I ordered some miniature piano hinges and chose the smallest of the three choices I’d ordered. There is still a gap at the seam, but it’s not too bad. I also modified them to work as conductors by cutting them into two parts and so route power to the doors. I’ve used magnets as needed to make the doors align when shut.


Hope things get better for you Scott , we’ve all been down that road before


it looks absolutely amazing scott - you’re doing an excellent job!!!


Catching up on the build thread today. I filled the uneven surfaces where the backside ovals mount and then mounted the ovals and blob greebles in them. I also mounted all the resin blocks after first drilling eight 5/16" holes in them to reduce their mass.

After that I cut and glued in the upper interior panels of the back halves.
Sorry for the bad photo but gloss black is difficult to photograph.


Wow Scott, that build looks really good. Any thoughts about making the orb fully turn on a turntable?
What are you planning to do as for lighting? Interested in seeing your ideas. Very well thought out build. It’s going to look amazing when it’s finished.


Oh man oh man oh man, this is going to be soooo good!


Can’t wait to see this painted!


Not a big fan of this prop, but I’m impressed with the build.


It looks good and @Buddahaid has done a great job. It seems like yesterday He was just starting at the TPZ then bam he started tackling everything he wanted. What a collection of pieces. Not to mention his excellent work.