Orb Case Build


Thanks for all the good vibes. Gary, I used to like this prop but I’m learning to hate it as I go…

I removed the left side doors and finished the facing edges. The hinges had 24 hr JB Weld spread over them to secure them in place while the reast was smoothed the auto body filler. Now onto the right sides.


You work is beautiful! But I can’t help thinking that unless this object d’art was to be used in a series of episodes, you’re putting a lot more time and effort into its construction than the TV show could afford to invest!

Any idea what kind of lead time a show would have to prepare such a prop?

–Paul E Musselman


I’m pretty sure Mike remembers.


5 days


We never had more than 6 day no mater what we needed to make for each eps.


granted yes, i know nothing about how the prop industry works in hollywood… but im astonished y’all did your work in 6 days or less. thats impressive.


On the 7th day, they rested.


Not really.


Did you get extra build time for the pilots?


So I did manage to move ahead with these despite an eventful past week and a half which started with my dad’s health failing and his eventual death last Tuesday morning. He would have been 96 last Wednesday and had a great life.

First the right side edges were done like the left sides were and following that I used the 3D printer to make the boxes that appear at the top inside edges. In these I placed more magnets and the left one has a reed switch to operate the lighting when the door gets opened.


Deepest condolences for the loss of your father.


Condolences Scott … we will all be here for you


Very sorry to hear of your loss. Take care.


My condolences Scott. Our little hobby may help us escape the real world but We all need to do what it demands from Us.


Thanks for the support. Dad’s passing was not unexpected and we new it was going to happen for about eight months, just not when, and I do confess to some guilty relief now that the other shoe has fallen and the waiting game is ended.


I feel you Scott … I lost my grandfather almost a year ago he was 95 as well. It was a long and difficult thing for me mentally and for him physically… I miss him dearly but he is always in my heart …


So sorry for your loss, Scott :frowning: It was like that with both my mother (gone 18 years now) and my grandmother (passed away last year). Even though we all expected it to happen, it was still a shock when it did, and was difficult to get through. We’re here for you, buddy.


Really sorry to hear about your father passing.
I went thru the same thing with my father.
He live with with me for 9 years and the last 2 we were waiting for the same thing.
he was fine going to bed and the next morning it was over.
Take care my friend.


Thanks again everyone for the support, it really helps.

I came up with the lighting plan for the jewels which involves using Fairy string lights.

I’ll just be using the the LED strings running off another power source but it simplifies getting enough indirect light which you can see from the mock-up. In this case, I just wound the lights around a CD case and taped them in place backed by a sheet of bond paper.


Moving on with the door lighting. The LED chain was connected to the hinges and I moved the battery pack to the bottom for testing. The LEDs run on 6 volts by two 2032 coin batteries so a six volt power supply is the first power requirement.

After that a put a 0.020" piece of sheet styrene behind it and had a problem. The middle area of the lit oval was not getting as blue as it did with the mock-up which turned out to be due to the way the paper had been hanging. The solution was to make an oval bowl shape of the 0.020" styrene backing and I made, likely the most ugly ever, forming contraption from an old paint can, a small beach ball, two sheets of cut plywood, six clamps, and a heat gun and it worked! :heart_eyes: