Orb Case Build


Wow, beautiful effect. :heart_eyes:


You’re right, that is the most ugly thing ever :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But the product that came out of that contraption really did the trick. Looks great!


As I always say; “That is correct, which works” and it certainly worked!


How tall & wide are these orb arks? They look around 18" tall!
Be nice to put one on a pedestal type stand or some kind of plant stand to,display. Very nice looking job Scott!


About 12.5" wide and about 18" tall. There’s a base I’ve yet to add that will bring up to near that 18".

While I’m here I’ll mention I have all the door lighting installed and the inner door panels cut. Adding those is the next challenge as I need to have them pretty close to perfect trim to avoid a lot of sanding that will stress the hinges.


Turns out, pun intended, that I can use the disc sander on my belt sander to tweak the door inside panels to fit and that will save a lot of trouble. One in and I’m out of glue now, oh well.


All the inner door panels are glued on now and I’m currently applying JB Weld over the door side hinges. It will be a couple of days to get the door edges filled and cleaned up, but in the meantime, I’m printing the inside door ovals and have bought the styrene strip stock for the inside detail.




The inside ovals do not light up and the flat side faces out. They were clear acrylic sanded on the surface.


Thanks! That explains the odd appearance. I was planning on painting the ones I’m printing an ivory but now I’ll have to rethink the scheme.


The first print is out and I just set it on for a test look. The strips will be glued down as well as the oval. I kind of like the way it also lights so I think I’ll keep it for mine at least.

I’m getting a real Art Deco style vibe off the insides of this prop.



The light is nice!


My time is being spread very thin between work and family matters, but I still managed to get the door edges to the back half sorted this weekend. Door mating edges are next up.


Update time. I haven’t been able to work on props much lately due to working on my mother in-law’s house which is going on the market, however, I did get the door sides filled on both cases and the ribbing installed in one.


It looking really great.


Looks great like Amethyst crystals.


They are not really water clear but they don’t really look like amethyst to my Mk1 Eyeball. Here’s a first test of the active lighting for the orbs. There will be more LEDs that are just back lighting.


Ok, looks a bit violet in the photo. Nice


Nothing new other than another video I took Friday but couldn’t get out of my camera due to the software crashing all the time after the latest win10 upgrade. I had to load it onto my win7 laptop so I could dl the images from the camera.

What’s different is I messed with the sequence timing and fade durations.


Not much to relate since all my free time has been taken up working on the house that’s listing this coming Monday, and today is the last day I’m doing that, but I did sort out the electronics plan and can move ahead with the base construction. The bad news is I have to work out of town next week.