Orb Case Build


Best of luck on the listing!


Hey @Buddahaid, if you could find one, would you want to include the brass pedestal thing with your Orb case?


Probably not as I just don’t have room in the house for such things, plus I’m in earthquake country which makes stuff like that a problem.

So the house I’ve been working on is now listed so that ordeal is over now, and today was dad’s memorial so that is also behind me and I feel like I’m getting back to the old groove at last. https://www.estately.com/listings/info/2002-elliott-drive

Yesterday, I made parts for the base which involved using someone’s UNO housing files, and making up a housing for the RJ49 connections I’ll be using to connect the LEDs that will light the orb. Tomorrow I’ll begin assembly of the bases.

The RJ45 housing will flush mount to the floor and have a “lid” piece to close it off if you want to display the case without the orb inside. The LEDs will be on a clear acrylic orb stand that simply plugs in.


I really like all these printed parts you use for alignments, mounting, dressing up the different elements. Very cool process.


So far that’s the best use I’ve come up with for owning one.

Weekend plans were thrown out early. I did cut and sand edges on clear acrylic parts that make the light stands for the orbs. Creating the patterns, cutting, and sanding, used my whole Saturday time when it became obvious I had to have the light stalks sorted before I could begin that bases. Making a working stand used today’s time. The gray stalk will be bonded to the clear base and the RJ45 connector crimped onto the wires. The mating connector location will be determined from there.

Again, this is a short Arduino script, but the idea comes across.



The orb lighting in a later dimmer time.



That’s Amazing Scott.


Very clever!!!


No forget clever, this is ingenious! Making the lighting component for the orb as a separate but hidden element in this build is absolutely brilliant. Now if you can figure out a turntable solution there is no worry of compromising any of the lighting elements too. I watch you builds and always think that the current one is the best Ive ever seen, and then you just go an out-do yourself time and time again.


Brilliance is awesome


Time to catch up here. The cases are all assembled now save for the “gems” and inner “gem” plates which will go on after painting, whew! Even though I thought I had tested the Uno’s 5 volt output with the fairy light load added, I must have just imagined I did because it is too much load and I had to add a 5 volt regulator into the plan.

The first items of business in building the bases was to mount the RJ45 sockets into the floor and modify the uno’s power inputs so I could add a source selector switch.

Next I printed the support frameworks that transfer the force vector of the seven plus pound orbs from the floors to the feet. These also serves as the battery boxes and access ways.

Next the selector switches were mounted and the battery/hatch covers created.

The feet were printed and added on.

Wiring up the bases then proceeded with only a bit of hassle. :roll_eyes:

The 5 volt regulators mounted to the uno cases.

I didn’t take an assembly pic but you can see the relay buried in hot glue mounted inside the compartment where it can be replaced if ever needed.

Last bits were to get the uno’s installed and then make the finishing pieces to hide the last of the wiring. Oh, and there are doors to cover the uno hatches when using the battery.


I realized I needed a few in toto pictures.

I’m debating whether to add some material to the bottom of the right door so the bottom fit is not so bad. The top fit is even.

Oh and using the AC adapter for power. I like the red glow… :japanese_ogre:



Really nice Scott!


Awesome Job Scott.


Amazing work!


Outstanding work as always Scott.


Wow man!


Beautiful work Scott


I’m still refining the cases but have finished the light tentacles…


Catching up, I’ve painted all the interior areas in VHT SP404 Gold Flake and the bottoms in the Duplicolor BCC0386 Teal Met. PepBoys is the only store that stocks that color where I’m at.

I’m shooting for having the rest of the base coat Teal Met. on the back halves of the two cases this weekend minimally.