Orb Case Build


Awesome job Scott.


Good news is I met the minimum goal and also painted one of the doors of each. The bad news is I’m out of the teal paint now.


Sure doesn’t look teal in the pictures. Was that something @hms Mike told you?


Are you referring to how the paint looks in my photos, or to what it looks like in screen shots?
The paint numbers were provided by Mike in another thread and look to be what he used for his recent replicas to my eye.

In either case, the above photos with the case closed register pretty true to my eye. I can’t help it if the color is called Teal Met. :innocent:



Your pictures. It does look more teal in the bottom image, with the doors open. In the others, it looks very metallic grey. Optical illusion?


The camera is my older Nikon Coolpix S7c set in auto close up with no flash. It usually gives me pretty close to what my eye sees without much fuss. Depending on how the light hits the paint, the blue hue will stand out more, or less. In the case of the last picture with the doors open, it’s just how the auto exposure changed with all the gold showing. It does look somewhat bluer than the closed images, but not strikingly so.


Wow, Scott. I haven’t had a chance to catch up on this thread for a few weeks, and this is out of control awesome. Those connectors at the back are so professional looking. Bravo.


Absolutely stunning Scott - really.


Well Pepboys was a fail as of Wednesday and they still don’t have it today. Anyway, I ordered two cans from Amazon Wednesday and I have them in hand now. Yay beer!


I’m not a huge DS9 fan, but I have to say this is a very very impressive build. Very nice work. Have a couple beers. That sounds like a good idea, I’m gonna have a couple beers.


He he.


Like the sign says “Beer, the reason I get up every afternoon”


I need to start drinking again…


This thread would spiral into heavy drinking… One hell of an undertaking


It is funny how some of these threads spin out of control and where they go.


Okay then, clutching onto the disintegrating shreds of this thread, I painted the last of the Teal Met. base coat, then pulled all the remaining masks. What beasts these be.


Amazing. Beautiful work.


First let me say that orb case is beautiful Scott. Second, and to continue off topic a smidge, isn’t that photo from Santa Claus versus the Martians? I know I’ve seen it.

How old was the Enterprise when it was destroyed?

Looking good. You tend to build mulitples…do you sell the copies?


Not in the way I think you are implying. While it’s true I almost always build in multiples, the arrangements are made at the time the props, or prop parts, are offered which currently is months before the builds start. Also, I almost never build anything unless one of them ends up in my collection.