Side by Side by STAR TREK -- TOS filming sites in Los Angeles


As readers of the “TOS Mosaics Artistry” topic know, I recently had a great couple of days in Los Angeles with no responsibilities and a full tank of gas! So I stopped by a number of TOS-related sites.

(Here’s a link – in case you missed that thread. This forum has become so popular that some stuff falls through the cracks: TOS Mosaic Artistry: “Operation Annihilate!”)

This view of Sam Kirk’s lab building (actually the Schoenberg School of Music at UCLA, on the left) shows how little things have changed in half a century. The trees are taller, but the architecture and masterful mosaic work remains. The snippet from “Operation Annihilate!” is courtesy of TrekCore, although I did flip it to match up with the actual building. I’m not sure why they flipped the image in the two literal seconds it appears onscreen – maybe just to make it less obvious for those familiar with Los Angeles?

Later in the day, I drove over the Hollywood Hills mountain pass and down into “beautiful downtown Burbank” to find the precise spot where Production Models finished fabricating The Enterprise and the team recorded that moment with a series of snapshots on December 29, 1964.

So here’s another look at yesterday (left), and today (right) at 104 East Providencia in Burbank.

You can click each of the side-by-side photos to make them larger.

It’s not very far from both Warner Bros. and Walt Disney Studios.

I know that many who are reading along have made the same “trek” (or pilgrimage) and can remember this sort of sleepy, time-never-changes area of Burbank.

Except that IKEA arrived in Burbank four years ago – and literally the site of that famous photo was preserved by mere inches. The arrow points to the spot on the curb where The Enterprise once posed for her first photo shoot…


Inside the chain-link fence is a little blue building standing on the site of the famed Production Models Shop and Richard Datin’s handiwork.


I think there should be some sort of commemorative marker on the sidewalk to mark the spot.

Don’t you?


Fantastic pictures!! Thank you for sharing those. I’m glad the actual spot where the Enterprise model was is still there. People probably walk by there everyday and don’t know the historical meaning of that spot.


Pretty sure it is even the same little original Production Model Shop building, just “remodeled.” I have seen it modified several times over the past few years. It was a gym for a while! An amazing survival though.


I didn’t get close enough to tell for sure — although it looks like a modern cinderblock building. You may be right, though! Love the staged photo with the small model of the Big E!


Neat stuff Dave.


Love that pic with the model as well!!:grinning:


…OOOOhhh Nice late model Corvair Corsa TURBO CHARGED!!


Yes – that image came from Hemmings Motor News, which was more interested in the Corsair than the birthplace of the Enterprise!