Silicon Valley Prop Summit - Fall 2018


In June 2017 there was an event called the “Silicon Valley Trek Prop Summit”

I am seriously sorry that I missed going to that event. I am just getting back into collecting Star Trek stuff after a 13 year gap and if I had known about this event last year I would not have missed it.

Is there anything else like this being planned for the Silicon Valley contingent of Star Trek collectors?


I would definitely like to do it again and would be very happy to host again, but we also have an event planned in Vegas in August, so I just didn’t want to make it too close to that. Does anybody else have an interest in a repeat event? Now that I’m a bit more settled into my house, I could probably organize things a bit better this time around. :slight_smile: The main question would be when to do it, really.


I’d be up for a repeat of last year’s gathering. How about in late Spring or late Fall?



Cool. Either suits me. Anybody else have thoughts?


I’m game, just need date and time.



Sounds great. I would be willing to help organize it as much as I can. I saw the last one was in Redwood City - which is about 20 minutes from my home.


I’ve been hoping to get to one of these prop meet ups. And the bay area is on my list of places I’d like to visit. I’d definitely be interested.


Yup, I just held it at my house and would be happy to do so again. Not much organization is required, so all I would ask of guests is to show up and maybe bring some props to show off if you have any. :slight_smile: There is the RPF party in LA in the fall, the Vegas meet-up in the summer, so maybe fall up here in the SF area would be best.

Let me ping people here on the guest list from last year (who aren’t already in the thread) and see if they have any interest: @Nicksdad, @NickyTea, @EWilliams, @nygeekgirl, @joeb, @hms, @ChronowerxLLC, @Buddahaid, @Eric_Ardros, @pvault, @kertratz, @dzircher, @gbaldi, @squib, @RustyH, @Mr.Atoz.

Anyone else who could come would of course be welcome! My place has plenty of room.

Here is a video of what things looked like as we were getting set up and as people were arriving last year:


Ryan you know Nan and I would love to attend but we’re going to see you and a few of the other members in Vegas. And we only get one trip like that a year. Now if you have a meet up next year, maybe.


I couldn’t make last years event, but would love to this year.


Of course, and totally understood @JoeB. I’m just glad you’re going to be able to make Vegas!


I should be available barring some unexpected conflict.


I can probably tie it into a work trip.


Hmm… well, my wife and I are going down to Florida for two weeks second half of April this year, but if this next prop summit is to take place in the fall, I may be able to attend.

It’s been a few years now since the STC prop meet in Georgia, and it was so much fun. I’d love to hang out with those of you I met back then, as well as meet some new folks :slight_smile:


It would be great to see you again @RustyH and @Eric_Ardros.

Sounds like fall may be a better tentative plan. Do any dates work particularly well for anyone? We could always plan around that.


I’m tentatively in & fall is better for me too :slight_smile:


Fall sounds good to me.


Weigh anchor. Set course for this fall. All ahead one third.


Awesome. I’ve set the thread title to “Fall 2018.” Now we just need to pick a date, which of course we can wait a while to do or do sooner. Either is cool with me.


hopefully I can make this one…