Silicon Valley Prop Summit - Fall 2018


Fall is the time for Trek prop fun. Let’s do it!


Thought I would get this thread going again. Let’s talk about a date for this gathering.




I’m in.


Hey guys! I for one am definitely still down and ready to think about this now that I’ve recovered from Vegas. :smile:

I’m still happy to host the event again at my place, as that seemed to work well last year and it meant we didn’t have to worry about any facility rushing us out the door. I also have a fair amount of space here, and now more table space available that folks can use to lay out props.

I have to work around various conferences and such I have to attend this fall, but how would folks feel about November 30?


That works for me. The weekend of 11/16 is my only time I couldn’t attend.


Works for me. Just pin down a date.


OK by me!


I just checked my 2018 Calendar and it shows November 30th as a FRIDAY.


Oh, sorry. I misread my calendar. I guess that we would be talking about 1st December then. I think a Saturday works better. :slight_smile:


December 1st would’ve worked for me, if unexpected dental expenses hadn’t just come up :frowning: As such, I’m afraid I won’t be able to attend. Would’ve liked to see @norbauer and others again, as well as meet some new folks (@Buddahaid). Hopefully the next gathering.