The Crusher Carts


There are two styles of cart used in Sickbay.

Boby Cart designed by Joe Columbo with the swing drawers

These can be purchased new here.

Deleted scene from “The Chase”

Suspicions 23:09

“Man of the People” 39:04

Seen outside of Sickbay sometimes

"The Mind’s Eye"

Family 16:34

And the the Stile Neolt cart designed by Giovanni Pelis

Starship Mine (around 16:14)

It has three layers of acrylic, black, clear, and frosted clear from top to bottom.

“Starship Mine”


Here is my first steps toward the Stile Neolt version (my favorite of the two).

Here is the profile for the two top layers (3mm black and 6mm clear)

Crusher cart.dxf (2.7 KB)

And for the bottom frosted 12mm clear layer

crusher-cart-bottom.dxf (2.5 KB)

Next up to design some vinyl paths for the tapework.

I just welded the three layers together with solvent cement. I hand wet-sanded each side of the profile to remove the laser lines and to add the frosting in the case of the lower layer. In the case of the gloss layers, Novus polish helped on the final pass after 1500 grit sandpaper.


Very kewl! I’ve always wanted to get one (or two, lol) of these for my collection. Would be a great way to store some of my props :sunglasses: I wonder if they’ll ship to Canada, though.

FYI, the 2-drawer one you linked to is close, but not entirely accurate to the screen-used carts. Those were the 3-drawer configuration (it’s the Organizer B33 model), which appear to be available for $450 USD.

Would be nice to get one of the Stile Noelt ones, too. There’s only one on eBay, but is a 6-drawer model. Yours is off to a good start, I’d say! Looking forward to seeing you detail it :slight_smile:


Ryan, when I saw this thread title it made me think of the BBT episode with the “Wesley Crushers”.
I’m weird that way.


I love these carts. I need to get one someday.


So have you started using it to store prop or parts yet?


To my sorrow, I really don’t have any finished TNG medical props yet.


Ha! Well I only have a tricorder and sadly unbuilt stuff. Helas il est vrai.


This is such a cool prop. I totally want one to use as a display stand just so that I can use all the cubby holes for more prop storage. I am totally out of space!


One slight announce is that the drawers actually don’t have much space in them. Because it is injection molded plastic, they had to make the walls really thick to keep it from feeling flimsy. Each drawer could hold like 3-4 hyposprays and that’s it.


Hey, that’s all the space you need :wink:


Yup, I agree, thats space enough. One of these carts with that hypo station on top would be all I need to make a bad ass medical display. Would work great for all the misc engineering tools too.

Which on that note, and off topic, I cant believe none of you obscure prop lovers have tried Datas UV hand tool yet…

And to bring this back to the topic, I would like to point out that this prop will most certainly not fit in the drawers :wink:


Say, that reminds me that I need to line those drawers with black acrylic too!

I was actually hoping I could build a whole 1:1 scale sickbay replica to house my hyposprays.

But maybe I should focus on getting around to painting them first.

The IP scanner!

Love that thing.


Some kind of black non-slip shelf liner might work out better for inside the drawers


Good point. Felt or velvet would work nicely.


Or maybe that foam stuff they sell to line shelves on tool boxes. That stuff comes in layers and could easily be cut to form fit your tools inside the drawer.


Kaizen Foam…


Thanks for that. I could never remember the name of that type of foam.


The device sitting on the cart is illustrated here:


I’ve been offered a Neolt in good condition for £100. Unsure whether or not to go for it - I love the idea of having the medical cart and it’s a good price, but what a huge and sort of non-functional prop…