The Crusher Carts


Get it! :slight_smile:


I’d say get it, too! It’s not as non-functional as you think, you’d be able to store various other props :sunglasses:


Stop writing here and go get it! (Then post pictures for us to all get jealous over)


I agree. That’s a pretty good deal. The Noelt carts are much rarer than the Boby version.


Sorry to elevate this old thread but I’m hoping one of the knowledgeable people can help me find some of the red decals for these carts? I ended up with a Bobby cart and I want to start working on a medical variant. I’m assuming that the decals say something like Starfleet Central Medical Supply with a caduceus or something. Anyone know if there is a template or where I can find some of these? I’d like to alter some of the wording on the labels if possible. Thx.


Went to one of the print companies I use for the first time today, and as soon as I walk in, these were in the doorway…


Not quite up to Starfleet standard… Pretty fun.


How ironic!


Did you make an offer?


Ha! Maybe I will.,… Just neat to see them very much still in use.


DSC “The Buther’s Knife Cares Not for the Lamb’s Cry” 22:46


And they turned the lights on.





That’s one of the newer ones. Somewhere in the 90s they changed the design. The TNG ones didn’t have the oval openings on the back side and were all enclosed there. You can find the older ones from before the change but they often have damage and the plastic has yellowed. Apparently, you can bleach/dye it back with professional peroxide and a lot of sunlight. They can also be painted but ABS may not take paint well and it would be difficult with the shape, all the sanding, priming, etc. Add in that an old one can cost just as much, or more, as a new one and decided to go with a new one. Comes in a box encased in foam and wasn’t broken and no painting! I decided to just call it a “variant” and leave it at that.

Fun to see them in Discovery!


Stumbled across a tape holder that resembled the Crusher carts addons in these shots-


It’s not exact but defiintely similar.


Whoa! That looks like the Bynar case.



Definitely on the right track with that cassette holder there, @NickDaring :slight_smile:

I think I just might have to try to find one that’s a 100% match to those screencaps, lol.


Speaking of the Bynars, I always loved the gadgets on their belt!


The previous episode of the show I’m working on are wrapping, and they left this in a skip… I had to rescue it! Looking at it, it doesn’t appear to be an exact match for the TNG ones, but close enough!


The nerve of some people!