The latest progress at Ticonderoga


Dr. MCCoy’s lab is taking shape. This weekend we made the L-table and the green lit cabinet. And the doorway arch.




Looks Great.


The large open area on the right back wall is going to be the circular mess screen walls like in the captains quarters.


That brings up something that I’ve wondered about. Are those screens custom made, or have the shows found a commercial source?


Such a wonderful environment.


Steve, that looks really cool. We are going to have a lot to talk about next week.


Individual machined plastic tubes bonded together into a wall. A load of work!



Wow, that is very interesting. I’m really amazed by the level of dedication demonstrated by those involved in these ST productions. Cudos to all of you!


Ste thats frickin amazing dude! im blown away! i look foward to seeing all the hypos and tips lined up)


A new plant on for the ship’s corridors.

From a screen cap.

The new STNV replica.


Just a reminder there is an open house tomorrow at noon!



The medical complex nearly complete. Walls are being mudded and the mesh screen divider between the medical lab and MCCoy’s office is complete. Work continues on the decompression chamber and the engineering warp core.




Way cool looking forward to seeing it


Going up this Sunday to continue the fun. I’ve been there 15 times now and I still tear up walking throw the set. It’s such an amazing place and to be there every weekend furthering it along with like minded people is a dream come true!


Great job Steve


Sickbay is looking great, Steve.


Working on the briefing room columns and back wall. This is going to be beautiful when finish. Very exciting working with such a tallented group of people.







Looks Awesome Steve


CNN Spot that just hit last night!!


Too bad you weren’t on there Steve.