The latest progress at Ticonderoga


Finally got the Transporters working and this crew beems in! Patrick doesn’t look too sure about what just happened to him? Left to right Dave Harvey, Patrick Kane, Steve Pielock, Rob and Joel Barnes.


Wait, I can transport there and I don’t need airline tickets?


Send us your coordinates!


Actually I’m in front, Joel’s in the back. What the hell is Patrick looking at?


I suppose it’s strong glass, but I’d be nervous standing on it. I presume it’s rated more for heat than for carrying weight. Do you have it supported by plexi or anything?


3/4 lexan under each unit.


Progress on the Bridge 360! 10 hour work day yesterday at the Church of the Holly Warp Core! Yes we are a cult now!! LOL we worked until we ran out of daylight.


Man oh man that is looking great!!!


All of the plexiglass for monitors are being ordered this week. Full steam ahead!


Having helped on this last week some. Real respect for the work involved


And the work that still needs to be done…

I’m bummed out that Engineering and the Medical lab won’t be quite done for May but very Close. There are only so many work sessions in a year!


New accurized stairs…
We are going to extreme details for this bridge!


The neatest upgrade is the connecting corridor from Engineering to the Bridge turbo-shaft. Once you step into the ship at the beginning of the tour you are in the ship until you leave the Bridge. No interruptions between any of the sets. I expect to see many emotional moments from people in May!!


Getting Better All The Time - Great Work Team!


Looks very impressive. I can’t wait to travel back in time this May.


That’s not All Folks


Will all future tours enter/exit the bridge entirely through the turbolift? Or will one or more of the new sections under construction be “wild” on casters or something and be able to be pulled open on occasion? Just curious…


You could always add the Animated Series/Phase II second turbolift…


For now you enter thru the turbo and exit to the right of the main view screen where the half station should be down a ramp to the prop display area. We are evenually going to make that wall flat right of the view screen wild to the exit ramp and build the half station completing the 360. But that is next Winter’s project.


Can’t wait to see it all again!


Out at Ti today getting some work done for a big push tomorrow! Removed a wall n laid out plates for a new wall beefy enough to hang the decompression chamber door